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The name of the IG Photobooth filter is like the sky and how to get it

The name of the IG Photobooth filter is like the sky and how to get it

Pikipo – On Instagram, unique filters often appear that are often trending on many social media. Well, one of the filters that has recently been quite popular is the Photobooth filter.

For those who don’t know, this Photobooth filter is a filter that combines many photos in one video with a background song like the sky in the afternoon.

Now for those of you who are having trouble finding out what the name of this filter is, most of you will type in keywords like sky and most likely the filter will not be found.

Those who want to try this filter, just look at the name of the filter below.

IG Photobooth Filter Name Like the Sky

For those of you who are confused in finding this filter, just go ahead and its name is photo booth created by wahab_379

choose Photobooth V2 if you want to get a filter with the song Like Langit Di Sore Hari, because for the other versions the song is also not the same.

For those of you who want to find other songs, you just have to choose another version.

Please look for the filter name according to the name I wrote above to get the filter.

A little extra, if you like the filters from @wahab_379 and want to get other filters, you just have to open Instagram from Wahab_379 and save the filter. Also read: Face Mask IG Filters

How to Get IG Photobooth Filters

The way to get this Photobooth filter is very easy. The method is as follows:

  1. Please enter your IG account
  2. Go to Insta Story camera
  3. Please slide the filter to the left, until SEARCH EFFECTS
  4. Type keywords photo booth
  5. There are many photobooth filter creators, please search and choose from wahab_379
  6. Then to add a filter to Insta Story, please tap the arrow icon
  7. FINISHED. Just create a story according to your wishes. Also read: The name of the IG Prank Whatsapp filter for a girlfriend who is still viral

The final word

That was the explanation about the name of the IG Photobooth filter like the sky and how to get it. If you are interested in trying the filter, please follow the steps above.

That’s all and good luck.

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