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The name of the IG Bang Bang Big Bang filter that's going viral on TikTok

The name of the IG Bang Bang filter that is going viral on TikTok

IG Bang Bang filters. Hello everyone, welcome again to Pikipo. On this occasion, I will share recommendations for IG Filters that are currently busy on TikTok. The filter is the IG BANG BANG Filter.

Again, Bang Bang has been used by many tiktok content creators lately and has become one of the most used songs.

Well, if you like this Bang Bang song, you can use the IG filter to make the video. So you don’t need to bother anymore to add your own songs.

Let’s see how to get this IG Bang Bang Filter or Effect.

IG BANG BANG Filter Name

As we all know that to be able to find the IG filter we are looking for, we are required to know the name of the IG Filter. Because there are a lot of the same name in the IG filter search, for that you can search for it by entering keywords with the filter name below.

The name of the IG Bang Bang Filter that’s going viral on TikTok is Bang Bang – Big Bang created by @rayfaldo.

If you already know how to get filters on Instagram, you just look for the filters. But for those of you who don’t know how to dance and get the IG Bang Bang filter, you can follow the steps below.

How to Get IG Bang Bang Filters

The way to get the IG Bang Bang – Big Bang filter is very easy. First of all, you first enter the IG filter search menu, you just need to open Insta Story, then in the effects or filter section you slide to the far right until you find “Search Effects”.

The next step, please enter your keywords Bang bang rayfaldo then all you have to do is select a filter with the name Bang Bang – Big Bang. If you’ve stayed you try and save the filter so you can use it every time. Done, it’s easy isn’t it.

That was the way to get the IG Bang Bang filter that is currently viral. With this you can easily make videos with this bang bang song.

The final word

That’s it for the latest IG filter recommendations this time. If you like the filter above, don’t forget to follow @rayfaldo’s Instagram account to appreciate the IG filter he has created for all of you.

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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