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The name of the Dino Couple IG Effect that went viral on TikTok

The name of the Dino Couple IG Effect that went viral on TikTok

Pikipo – The Instagram application is one of the social media applications with a very large number of users both in Indonesia and throughout the world.

One of the most popular features on Instagram is the Insta Story feature, where as we all know this Insta Story feature also provides IG effects or filters that we can use as we please and of course it’s free.

Now, discussing the IG Filter, this time I will share an IG Filter that is becoming a hit on Social Media, be it on IG or TikTok.

The filter is the Dino Uwu Troops IG Filter. As we know that the current trend of Dino Couple, Red Dino, Black Dino and other Dino Troops is busy and many people like it.

For that, of course, you also don’t want to miss this pretty funny and unique trend, right?

So from that, please try the IG PP Dino Filter or this one Dino Couple Troop.

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To get this Dino Uwu Filter, please see the method below.

The name of the Dino Couple Uwu Troops IG Filter which is viral on TikTok

As we know that to get the IG Filter we want, then we also have to know the name of the Filter and the name of the maker so that we can get the correct Filter because of course there are also many filters with the same name.

The name of the Pasuka Dino Couple IG Filter that is viral on TikTok is Dino Uwu from instagram account ff.beautiful. In this filter, if you use it, there will be a picture of a Pink and Green Dino and in the middle there is a Red Dino which is described as the third person.

In addition to the filters above, there are other good IG Dino Couple Filters. The filter name is Dino TikTok from Instagram account tqwalf12_. In this TikTok Dino Filter you can change the dino image by tapping your cellphone screen once. There are Red Dinos, Black Dinos and other dinos.

How to get the Dino Couple Troop TikTok IG Filter

The way to get the Dino TikTok IG Filter is very easy. The steps are as below:

  1. Open your Instagram.
  2. Open the Insta Story menu.
  3. In the effects or filters section, swipe to the far right until you find “Browse Effects”.
  4. In your search field, enter the keyword Dino filter name that I explained above. For example, enter the keyword Dino Uwu.
  5. Select the IG Fiter that matches the name above and then you choose to try the filter.
  6. If it matches, you just select Save Filter to add it to your Instagram.
  7. Done, all you have to do is make Insta Sory according to your wishes.
That was the explanation on how to get the Dino TikTok Troop IG Filter. If you are still confused about how to download and use Filters on Instagram, you can read a more complete explanation here How To Get Filters on Instagram.

The final word

That was the discussion about the Dino Couple TikTok IG Filter Name and how to get it. Please try the Dino TikTok Filter above before the trend dims.

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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