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The Meaning of SNS in the ZEPETO Application, You Must Know!

JSMedia – Recently, an application is viral among young people named ZEPETO, have you guys tried it? This APK is indeed being loved by millennial children.

Well, for those of you who might just know about this application, it’s really mandatory to try it right away. Don’t miss it to feel the excitement of playing ZEPETO with your friends.

About the ZEPETO App

Meaning of SNS on ZEPETO

Maybe many of us don’t know about this one application. ZEPETO is an app developed by Naver Z Corporation. Then what is the function of this ZEPETO application?

In it we can create various kinds of avatars of your own. We can customize the character using the face, hairstyle, clothes at will. There are millions of items that you can use and use to create a unique avatar character.

In addition, you will also be able to meet and interact with other people’s avatars as well. So that we also do not play alone and can chat with other people as well as in the real world.

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ZEPETO Features

Meaning of SNS on ZEPETO

Well, apart from being able to create your own character, ZEPETO also has many other interesting features. So it’s not surprising that this one application is viral and liked everywhere. What are the features?

  • Create custom avatars with millions of items available.
  • Explore unlimited virtual space.
  • Make friends and interact with each other.
  • Play various other fun games.
  • Form a crew or group with friends
  • And many more.

Meaning of SNS on ZEPETO

For those of you who have played ZEPETO, you must have encountered the term SNS. now what is the meaning of this SNS? It turns out that many people don’t know it, even though it is a term commonly used in ZEPETO.

SNS itself is an abbreviation of Social Network Services or better known as social media. So SNS itself can also be interpreted as social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

Because outside themselves more often use the term SNS than social media. So it can be concluded that the term SNS itself refers to social media accounts. Then what is the function of this SNS term?

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SNS function on ZEPETO

Meaning of SNS on ZEPETO

On SNS we can list the various kinds of social media accounts that you have. So if there are friends who want to contact them, they can directly DM or message the account.

In addition, SNS will also make it very easy for us to make appointments or play together. So you can have fun with friends you meet at ZEPETO anytime and anywhere.

SNS can also keep us connected with the friends we meet on ZEPETO. So you don’t have to worry about losing contact because you already know each other’s social media accounts.


So that’s the discussion about the ZEPETO application and the meaning of the term SNS in it. Hopefully the above explanation can provide useful information. For those of you who haven’t tried it, please just download and install the application.

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