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The Hero Who Will Get the Next KOF Mobile Legend Skin

Pikipo – The Hero Who Will Get The Next KOF Mobile Legend Skin

The Hero Who Will Get the Next KOF Mobile Legend Skin

The KOF skin in the Mobile Legend game is a very good skin and some can also be obtained through special events such as Chou Iori Yagami’s KOF skin.

As we know Mobile Legend has collaborated with the King Of Fighter game by presenting a KOF-themed hero skin.

So far, there have been several heroes who have received KOF edition skins such as Chou, Guinevere, Aurora, Karina and Dyroth and soon it’s finally time for another hero to get this KOF edition skin.

Another hero who will get the KOF edition skin is Valir.

Valir will get a skin from the character Kyo Kusanagi who is one of the main characters in the game King of Fighter.

At a glance about Kyo Kusanagi, he is one of the most powerful figures in King of Fighter. His ability is also like Valir, namely controlling fire. Kyo Kusanagi has the appearance of a warrior wearing a black suit and wearing a white headband and white bandages on his hands.

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To get the KOF Kyo Kusanagi skin, you can get it through the KOF Bingo event as in the previous KOF event.

As for the release date, it is still unknown alias kept secret by the Montoon. However, this skin is predicted to be released in September to November.

So for you Valir users and Mobile Legend Skin collectors, prepare as many diamonds as you can so you can get this KOF edition of the Valir skin.

A little leak, not only Valir who will get this KOF skin, other names are also rumored to be getting KOF edition skins such as Hanabi, Franco and Sun.

Hopefully your favorite hero will also get a KOF edition skin in the next update.

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