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The Easy Way To Counter Uranus MLBB Latest August 2021

The Easy Way To Counter Uranus MLBB Latest August 2021

Pikipo – Mobile Legend.

Uranus is a tank hero in mobile legend who has recently become a pick subscription because it is very difficult to beat.

Uranus has a very high HP regen, so often we fail to kill him and then he even attacks back because his blood has been refilled.

Actually this Uranus hero can be countered both with items and with the counter hero.

Here’s how to counter or beat Uranus in the Mobile Legend Bang Bang game:

1. By using the Anti Regen item.

Don’t forget to use the necklace of durability item if you use a mage, while when you use a hero with basic physical damage, you have to use sea halberd.

This is a mandatory item if we want to defeat Uranus easily because this item can reduce the regen effect by 50% for 3 seconds.

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2. Use a lot of stun heroes.

Heroes who have stun skills such as chou or aurora will be very helpful to dispel it, because Uranus is quite weak against heroes who have a lot of stun.

3. Using the hero counter Uranus

As strong as the Uranus hero is in Mobile legend, there will still be a natural hero counter. Immediately following is the hero counter to defeat Uranus:


In first place is Esmeralda.

Esmeralda can easily defeat Uranus because Esmeralda’s skill can absorb the opponent’s shield to use on herself, especially if Esme uses the anti-regen item above, Uranus will become food for Esmeraalda.

2. Karrie

In second place is the hero Karrie.

Actually, it’s not just Uranus, because Karrie is an enemy or counter to all tank heroes whose passive skills have true damage or damage that ignores the opponent’s armor, so Uranus will easily die against Karrie.

3. Gussion

Gusiion is quite capable of countering Uranus because it has high brust damage so Uranus whose blood is dying can’t escape and regenerates blood again due to gussion’s brust damage.

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4. Aurora

Just like gussion, aurora has high brust damage and has a freeze skill that can be used to stun enemies.

You only need to use this freeze skill for combo attacks to defeat Uranus.

So, those were some ways to beat Uranus in the Mobile Legend game.

Hopefully this article can provide a reference for you.

Hope it is useful..

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