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The Complete Recipe List for Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley PS

The Complete Recipe List for Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley PS

The Complete Recipe List for Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley PS

Pikipo – Hello Harvest Moon game lovers, especially for the psp version of Harvest Moon HoLV. Now discussing the Harvest moon game, of course, it’s also not far from cooking activities where in this game we can make lots of dishes and we can also sell that for money.

In this Harvest moon HoLV game, we can cook after we have the cooking tools we bought first.

When cooking, you must know that each utensil has a maximum limit for mixing ingredients and it all depends on the level of the cooking utensil. So upgrade your cooking utensils if you want to cook more food.

Well on this occasion I will share a list of recipes that we can make in the Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley game. Immediately following is a list of recipes.

List of Recipes for Harvest moon Hero of Leaf Valley:

1. Using the Pot or pan

Strawberry Jam (160G)

Ingredients: Strawberries (3 pieces)

Cranberry Jam (100G)

Ingredients: Cranberries (3 pieces)

Blueberry Jam (100G)

Ingredients: Blueberries (3 pieces)

Very Berry Jam (140G)

Ingredients: Very Berry (3 pieces)

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Mixed Jam (110G)

Ingredients: Very Berry, Blueberry, Cranberry.

Orange Marmalede (130G)

Ingredients: Orange (3 pieces)

Apple Watch (120G)

Ingredients: Apples (3 pieces)

Cheese (500G)

Ingredients: Milk S (3 pieces) or Milk M (2 pieces) or Milk L (1 piece).

Cheese Risotto (600G)

Ingredients: Rice, Olive Oil, Cheese.

Hot Milk (180G)

Ingredients: Milk S.

Yogurt (350G)

Ingredients: Milk S (2 pieces) or Milk M (1 piece)

Fine Cheese (600G)

Ingredients: Milk G.

Onion Soup (100G)

Composition: Onion

Gazpacho (200G)

Ingredients: Tomato, Onion, Olive Oil.

Cream of Mushroom Soup (250G)

Ingredients: Mushroom (free), Milk (free size)

Mushroom and Rice (330G)

Ingredients: Mushroom (free), Rice

Carrot Soup (230G)

Ingredients: Carrot, Milk (free size)

Chestnuts and Rice (220G)

Ingredients: Rice, Chestnuts.

Cream of Corn Soup (190G)

Ingredients: Corn, Milk (free size).

Tomato Cream Soup (180G)

Ingredients: Tomato, Milk (free size)

Porridge (210G)

Ingredients: Potato, Milk (free size).

Stew (300G)

Ingredients: Milk (free size),Butter.

Croquettes (250G)

Ingredients: Potato, Olive Oil, Breadfruit.

Buttered Potato (260G)

Ingredients: Potato, Butter.

Tomato Risotto (280G)

Ingredients: Tomato, Rice, Olive Oil.

Pumpkin Soup (240G)

Ingredients: Pumpkin, Milk (free size).

Steamed Gold Potato (210G)

Ingredients: Gold Potato

Spinach Risotto (310G)

Ingredients: Rice, Spinach, Olive Oil.

French Fries (360G)

Ingredients: Potato, Olive Oil.

Mashed Potatoes (90G)

Ingredients: Potatoes.

Minestrone (200G)

Ingredients: Tomato, Onion.

Boiled Corn (80G)

Composition: Corn.

Egg Custard (290G)

Ingredients: Mushroom, Fullmoon berry, Egg

Monkfish Stwe (310G)

Composition: Angler, Carrot/Potato/Corn/Pumpkin/Tomato/Spinach.

Fried Squid (180G)

Ingredients: Squid, Breadfruit.

Squid Rice (220G)

Ingredients: Squid, Rice.

Chicken Grunt Vinegar (330G)

Ingredients: Chicken Grunt (fish), Miso, Herb.

Fried Hunchen (350G)

Ingredients: Hunchen, Breadfruit, Olive Oil.

Marinated Sardines (290G)

Ingredients: Sardine, Olive Oil.

Pickled Char (200G)

Ingredients: Char, Rice.

Porgy and Rice (270G)

Ingredients: Porgy, Rice.

Fried Shrimp (330G)

Ingredients: Prawn, Breadfruit, Olive Oil.

Canh Chua (280G)

Ingredients: Blotched Snakehead, Tomato, Green Herb

Fried Leatherfish (200G)

Ingredients: Leatherfish, Breadfruit.

Grouper Stew (340G)

Ingredients: Kelp Bass, Potato, Vegetable, Carrot (choose 1 vegetable)

Clam Chowder (280G)

Ingredients: Clam,Milk (free size).

Marinated Salmon (280G)

Ingredients: Salmon, Olive Oil.

Salmon Cream Stew (330G)

Ingredients: Milk (free size), Butter, Salmon.

Miso Mackerel (280G)

Ingredients: Miso, Mackerel.

Spanish Mackerel (360G)

Composition: Mackerel, Spinach, Prawn

Pike Rice (?)

Ingredients: Pike (fish) , Rice.

Seafood Stew (350G)

Ingredients: Milk (free size), butter, Fish (free)

Seafood Risotto (360G)

Ingredients: Rice, Olive Oil, Fish (free)

Marinated Octopus (360G)

Ingredients: Ocotpus, Olive Oil

Cod Soup (340G)

Ingredients: Cod, Miso, Carrot.

Dark Sleeper Stew (320G)

Ingredients: Vegetables, Miso, Dark Sleeper Fish.

Marinated Herring (270G)

Ingredients: Herring, Olive Oil.

Tiger Globefish Stew (340G)

Ingredients: Globefish, Vegetable (free)

Stewed Masu Salmon (240G)

Ingredients: Salmon, Honey.

Boiled Octopus (90G)

Composition: Octopus

Boiled Egg (80G)

Composition: Egg

Boiled Lobster (140G)

Ingredients: Lobster.

Marinated Smelt (230G)

Ingredients: Smelt(fish), Olive Oil

Fried Smelt (180G)

Ingredients: Smelt(fish), Onion.

Stewed Fish (120G)

Ingredients: Salmon/Rainbow Trout.

Triangle Soup (240G)

Ingredients: Salmon, Vegetable (free, like spinach)

Loach Stew (260G)

Ingredients: Loach(Fish), Egg.

Bouillabaisse (240G)

Ingredients: Tomato, Fish (free)

2. Using a frying pan or frying pan

Sandwiches (400G)

Ingredients: Bread, Cheese, Boiled Egg, Tomato.

Sandwich Jam (300G)

Composition: Bread(bought from the shop), Jam (jam [selai] anything but mixed jam)

Baked Apple (60G)

Composition: Apple

Assorted Platters (480G)

Ingredients: Cheese (3 pieces)

Tomato Salad (340G)

Ingredients: Tomatoes (3 pieces)

Pancakes (240G)

Ingredients: Breadfriot, Milk (free size), Egg.

Loaded Omelette (300G)

Ingredients: Egg, Mushroom, Nut, Vegetable (free)

Cheese Omelette (400G)

Ingredients: Cheese, Egg.

Fruit Omelette (290G)

Ingredients: Egg, Fruit (Apple/Orange/Grape)

Plain Omelette (250G)

Ingredients: Egg, Milk (free size).

Fried Eggs (80G)

Composition: Eggs.

French Toast (350G)

Ingredients: Bread, Egg, Milk (free size).

Omellet Rice (280G)

Ingredients: Egg, Rice, Tomato.

Fried Rice (250G)

Ingredients: Rice, Egg.

Sauteed Mushrooms (350G)

Ingredients: Mushroom (free), Butter.

Fried Mushroom (80G)

Composition: Mushroom (free)

Gourmet Mushroom Saute (400G)

Ingredients: Mushroom (2 pieces), Butter.

Sauteed Spinach (280G)

Ingredients: Spinach, Butter.

Buttered Corn (220G)

Ingredients: Corn, Butter.

Popcorn (240G)

Ingredients: Corn, Olive Oil.

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Roasted Corn (80G)

Composition: Corn.

Fish Meal (300G)

Ingredients: Fish (free), Vegetable (free) or Mushroom or Nut or Herb.

Broiled Eel (130G)

Composition: Eel.

Pilaf (250G)

Ingredients: Rice, Butter.

Seafood Pilaf (410G)

Ingredients: Seafood, Butter, Rice.

Shrimp Pilaf (390G)

Ingredients: Shrimp, Rice, Butter.

Grilled Chubs (60G)

Ingredients: Chub fish.

Teriyaki Swordfish (180G)

Composition: Swordfish

Butter-Fried Salmon (280G)

Ingredients: Salmon, Butter.

Fish Cream Saute (550G)

Ingredients: Butter, Milk, Salmon

Porgy Carpaccio (280G)

Ingredients: Sea-bream, Olive Oil.

Broiled Broach (70G)

Ingredients: Broach (type of fish)

Broiled Catfish (110G)

Composition: Catfish

Grilled Horse Mackerel (300G)

Ingredients: Mackerel, Mushroom.

Broiled Squid (90G)

Composition: Squid.

Rainbow Trout Kebab (290G)

Ingredients: Rainbow Trout, Miso.

Teriyaki Amberjack (120G)

Composition: Amberjack.

Fried Lobster (230G)

Ingredients: Lobster, Butter.

Sauteed Clam (240G)

Ingredients: Clam, Butter.

Fish Meuniere (350G)

Ingredients: Fish (free), Butter, Breadfruit.

Flounder Meuniere (370G)

Ingredients: Flounder, Breadfruit, Butter.

Tuna Carpaccio (260G)

Ingredients: Tuna, Olive Oil.

Tuna Steak (200G)

Ingredients: Tuna.

Stewed Rockfish (60G)

Composition: Rockfish (Red/Black)

Broiled Fish (120G)

Ingredients: Fish (free)

3. Using the Oven Tool

Cookies (220G)

Ingredients: Breadfruit, Butter, Egg.

Orange Cookies (270G)

Ingredients: Breadfruit, Egg, Orange.

Herb Cookies (200G)

Ingredients: Breadfruit, Egg, Herb.

Cake (240G)

Ingredients: Breadfruit, Milk (free size), Egg

Carrot Cake (370G)

Ingredients: Carrot, Breadfruit, Milk (free size)

Strawberry Shortcake (340G)

Ingredients: Breadfruit, Milk (free size), Strawberry.

Cheesecake (340G)

Ingredients: Breadfruit, Milk (free size), Cheese.

Honey Cake (400G)

Ingredients: Breadfruit, Egg, Honey.

Fruitcake (320G)

Ingredients: Breadfruit, Milk (free size), Berry (free)

Pumpkin Cake (330G)

Ingredients: Breadfruit, Milk (free size), Pumpkin.

Special cheesecake (400G)

Ingredients: Special cheese, Milk (free size), Breadfruit.

Muffins (180G)

Ingredients: Breadfruit, Very Berry, Fruit (apple/orange/grape)

Mont Blanc (350G)

Ingredients: Breadruit, Milk (free size), Chestnuts.

Onion Bread (260G)

Ingredients: Onion, Breadfruit.

Herb Bread (120G)

Ingredients: Breadfruit, Herbs.

Walnut Bread (210G)

Ingredients: Breadfruit, Walnuts.

Butter Roll/ Bread Roll (170G)

Ingredients: Breadfruit, Butter.

Puddings (250G)

Ingredients: Egg, Milk (free size).

Fruit Pudding (280G)

Ingredients: Egg, Milk (free size), Berry (any berry).

Pumpkin Pudding (240G)

Ingredients: Egg, Milk (free size), Pumpkin.

Cornflakes (190G)

Ingredients: Corn, Milk (free size).

Cheese Potato (410G)

Ingredients: Cheese, Potato.

Pizza (520G)

Ingredients: Cheese, Tomato, Breadfruit.

Mushroom Gratin (440G)

Ingredients: Mushroom (free), Milk (free size), Cheese.

Potato Gratin (460G)

Ingredients: Potato, Milk (free size), Cheese

Seafood Gratin (450G)

Ingredients: Milk (free size), Cheese (free), Seafood.

Corn Bread (180G)

Ingredients: Corn, Breadfruit.


Ingredients: Rice, Milk (free size), Cheese.

Mushroom Doria (440G)

Ingredients: Mushroom (free), Milk (free size), Rice.

Roasted Lobster (480G)

Ingredients: Lobster, Butter, Olive Oil.

Herb Grilled Fish and Mushrooms (320G)

Ingredients: Fish (Free), Mushroom (Free), Herb.

Mediterranean Fish and Tomato (350G)

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Tomato, and Fish (salmon/flounder).

Roasted Fish (Fried Fish) (300G)

Ingredients: Salmon, Olive Oil, Breadfruit.

Foil Grilled Fish (130G)

Ingredients: Trout, Salmon and 1 other fish.

Herb Grilled Fish (280G)

Ingredients: Rainbow Trout, Salmon, Herbs.

Broiled Clam (60G)

Composition: Clam.

4. Using the Mixer

Apple Juice (120G)

Ingredients: Apples (3 pieces)

Orange Juice (140G)

Ingredients: Orange (3 pieces)

Grape Juice (170G)

Ingredients: Grapes (3 pieces)

Tomato Juice (120G)

Ingredients: Tomatoes (3 pieces)

Mix Juice (130G)

Ingredients: Apple, Orange, Grape

Vegetable Juice (180G)

Ingredients: Potato, Tomato, Carrot

Strawberry Milk (100G)

Ingredients: Strawberry, Milk

Butter (450G)

Ingredients: Milk S (3 pieces) or MIlk M (2 pieces), or Milk L (1 piece)

Ainame Miso (360 G)

Composition: Ainame Miso

Mince Fish (210G)

Ingredients: Sardine and Spinach

Heaven wrapped dolphin (250G)

Ingredients: Dolphin fish, herbs

That was the list of recipes for the Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley game that you can play through the PPSSPP emulator.

Please try all the recipes above, especially those that have a high price so that you can quickly get a lot of money and get rich quick.

That’s all and good luck.

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