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The complete appearance and skills of Agent 14 Valorant - Yoru

Agent 14 Valorant Yoru

Some of the latest updates that Riot Games will add to Valorant for the upcoming second episode update, starting with new agents, battle pass lists, and even weapon skins, are slowly being revealed before episode two actually begins. These leaks are spread on the Valorant discussion forums on Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. In this article, Game will now focus on discussing the leaks related to the 14th agent in Valorant.

Rumors of the presence of a new agent have been around for a long time. Some players even testified that they found this 14th Easter Egg Agent in the Valorant game. Some say footsteps can be heard and there are blue footprints on the ice box map when the game starts. After information about the presence of a new agent Valorant became widespread and many players found Easter eggs, there was a leak of information some time ago, starting with the name, appearance, and skills of the agent being released.

Judging by the skills of this agent, this agent seems to later become an agent that is very attractive to many Valorant players. Because it can be said that this agent is very overwhelmed thanks to his skills, which are very useful in different situations. Then finally again! Read the leaked Agent 14 Valorant below.

Via Agent 14 Valorant

According to circulating leaks, the 14th agent will be known as Yoru. This agent is from Japan, comes with a purple and blue hair look that matches the color of the jacket he is wearing. Yoru will be the fifth Agent Duelist after Jett, Phoenix, Reyna and Raze. His role as a duelist has been officially confirmed by Riot Games. If we look at the current valorant code, this yoru will receive a stealth code that corresponds to its abilities.

Yoru Skill – Agent 14 Valorant

Yoru’s Skill was leaked through a post by a Twitter user with the username @DonHaci. Here are the skill details:

1. Skill Z

Yoru’s first skill is that he can make a false step sound. You can show this ability and place it in a suitable place to outsmart the enemy.

2. Skill X

As a duelist who penetrates the enemy’s territory first, Yoru is also equipped with a blind skill in the form of a lightning bolt that obstructs the enemy’s vision. Interestingly, Yoru’s lightning must first be reflected off existing surfaces such as walls and floors in order to be activated, unlike Phoenix, whose lightning is activated immediately after being thrown.

3. Skill C

The next skill is teleport. You can mark the point at the location you choose and later, Yoru can go to that point using the teleport skill. However, this ability has a weakness which is the timer which of course has a time limit, if the timer expires the point will automatically disappear.

4. Ultimate

Now, Yoru’s ultimate skill looks very promising because this skill can make Yoru invisible for a while by tearing / opening the dimensional space and wearing a mask from the inside. However, Game has not received more detailed information about Yorus Ultimate. We don’t know if when Yoru is using Ultimate he can see the opponent and the opponent can hear the sound of Yoru’s footsteps.

5. Dueslit Valorant

Although there is no official information on the release date of Yoru. But this agent makes Valorant fans impatient to play it. The next big update for Valorant will be on January 12th, although new agents will likely be announced first, especially if the leak is correct.

What do you think, are you interested in using Yoru in another exciting match in Valorant? And will Yoru become an overpowering duelist? Write your opinion in the comment column. Continue to receive other game news updates only on Game

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