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The Callisto Protocol - One Universe Horror Game with PUBG

The Callisto Protocol - PUBG Horror Version
Game – Perhaps the first thing that springs to mind when we hear the name PUBG, a 100-player battle royale game that is still popular and relevant in the console and PC markets, and is also becoming more and more successful, is huge winnings a massive player to achieve base in the cellular market. . It’s a competitive multiplayer game where players kill each other and have to be the only player / team that survives in the end to get the winner’s chicken meal.

Taking advantage of PUBG’s bright name, the developer – PUBG Corp. actually the intention to expand it into a single player game. But nobody predicts that this new game will end up being a science fiction horror themed game.

That surprise is presented by a new studio – Strike Distance, operating under the banner of PUBG Corp. You are showing and introducing to the world for the first time a science fiction horror game project called The Callisto Protocol.

The publication date of the Callisto Protocol
The Callisto protocol is to be published in 2022

What makes it even more interesting is that this game is edited and developed by Glen Schofield – the same person behind the very famous first Dead Space series. The creators themselves promise that this game will be “the scariest game for the next-gen platform”. Game has not received any detailed information on the gameplay.

PUBG storyline relationship with the Callisto protocol

Strike Distance itself has failed to clarify how the storylines of the PUBG Universe and the Callisto Protocol will relate to each other. However, the only thing new about The Callisto Protocol’s relationship with PUBG is that this game will take place roughly 300 years after the PUBG event and on Jupiter’s moon Callisto.

Recently, PUBG Corp. launched a website to provide detailed updates on the Callisto protocol. This game itself is slated to be released for console and PC platforms in 2022. What do you think of the Callisto Protocol? Are you interested in playing the game? We just have to wait for the information on Game to develop.

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