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The Best Sausage Man Apk Sensitivity Settings and How to Use It

The Best Sausage Man Apk Sensitivity Settings and How to Use It

Sausage Man Apk Sensitivity Settings – The Sausage game is currently popular because of the addition of cute characters like sausages, so many people call this game a sausage game. Of course, when playing games, we always want to win continuously, but this is very difficult because the opponents they face are also good at playing this sausage man game.

There are several factors that are considered to have an effect on our game, one of which is accurate button sensitivity. The problem is that many people complain about sensitivity problems on some buttons and scrolls in this game. Also read: How to Activate the Tilting Button in Sausage Man

Of course, problems like this sensitivity can be eliminated because it really interferes with the game. After problems like this are resolved, usually your skills feel better and the game feels more agile.

Sausage Man Apk sensitivity settings

For those of you who are currently having problems with the sensitivity of the button, you can use the settings I recommend below:

  1. Open the game Sausage Man
  2. this time select the settings menu
  3. select sensitivity
  4. games can be enjoyed

With the sensitivity setting increased, the button will automatically be more sensitive according to the sweep of our fingers. Oww, yes, when you enter the sensitivity menu, you can also choose several modes that can be adjusted to your playing style.

Camera Sensitivity Settings

Not Open Scope : 175%

2x scope : 160%

3x scope : 155%

4x scope : 150%

6x scope : 145%

8x scope : 110%

15x scope : 100%

Red Dot : 165%

If it doesn’t fit the style of the game you’re playing, try changing a few percentages to get accurate sensitivity.

The final word

That’s the discussion about the best Sausage Man Apk sensitivity settings. Hopefully the article above can be a reference to provide the right settings to adjust the sensitivity in playing the game Sausage Man.

And if the article above is useful, you can share your friends who need this information. Thanks for reading and enjoy

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