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Telegram Money Bot Viral Pay or Scam?

Fingka.com – Recently it’s been busy on social media about money bot on telegram. You may also have seen people posting about how to make money via telegram. Well this can certainly make people who see it immediately tempted. Who doesn’t want to be offered an easy way to get money, especially in the midst of a pandemic like this.

There are so many methods like this that are scattered everywhere. However, you should not be quickly tempted by this seduction. We also have to be careful and don’t be quick to believe things like this. Because we also don’t know if the telegram bot really makes money and is proven to pay.

What is a Telegram Money Bot?

For those of you who don’t know about this problem, Jakarta Studio will explain a little bit. Account with name @uangtunai_bot this is a bot on telegram that claims to be able to make money. So many people are interested and tempted by the offer. But is it true?

Even in his writings, this money bot claims to be 100% not a fraud, hoax, phishing or something harmful. But we certainly can’t immediately believe this claim. We have to find out the truth, can the telegram bot really make money?

How Telegram Bot Makes Money

Telegram Money Bot

If we chat /start in @uangtunai_bot, several kinds of menus will appear. Starting from the balance check menu, invite links, balance disbursement to tutorials to get balances. This is a menu designed in such a way that many people are increasingly convinced and easily believe that this bot can indeed make money.

According to the telegram bot claim, we can make money by inviting other people to join. In other words, a kind of referral link to invite people. If there are people who join through our link, then we will get a balance. For every successful referral link, we will add a balance of 10,000.

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How to Unfreeze Telegram Bot Money

From the explanation in the telegram bot, the payout method can be done through OVO, Gopay, Bank and also Credit. It seems to have a very complete payment method, even to the point that it can be exchanged for credit. With such a convincing disbursement method, it can certainly attract more people to join.

Is Telegram Money Bot Paying or Scam?

Of course the answer to this question is what you want to know. Then Jakarta Studio will provide the answer. Can the telegram bot really make money? The answer 100% HOAX aka scam. You shouldn’t believe the bot’s claims that they can make money.

From the method offered, namely inviting people through referrals, it can be ascertained that this is a scam. We will not get money or balance for everyone we invite. Even if our balance increases later, it will not be able to be disbursed. How did you explain?


That’s the discussion about the money bot on Telegram. From the explanation above we can conclude that the bot is a scam. So the claim about him saying he can make easy money by inviting people is a hoax. Hopefully the above discussion can answer your questions. Do not let you be easily tempted and join a business that is said to be able to make easy money.

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