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Tax Office Corruption Mission Earn Big Money In Sakura School Simulator

Tax Office Corruption Mission Earn Big Money In Sakura School Simulator

Pikipo – The Sakura School Simulator game has released an update for the latest version, which is version 1.037.12. If it hasn’t been updated, you can update it here Download Sakura School Simulator 1.037.12

Now in this latest update, a new building has been added. The new building is a tax office. This tax office has a large building and is located near the hospital.

There are new buildings there are also new missions you have to complete. The latest mission is a mission to kill the head of the corrupt tax office.

From this mission you can get a lot of money, which is 500,000.

Your mission is to stop the corruption that has occurred in the tax office. You have to beat the Boss and the employees in the office.

How to Complete Sakura School Simulator Tax Office Missions

For those of you who want to complete this tax office mission, the method is as follows.

You enter the tax office and then take the stairs to the top floor to meet the head or boss of the tax office.

Attack and defeat the Corrupt Tax Office Boss.

Please note that he can also attack along with his men. The weapon they use is money.

Well, if you’ve managed to beat your Tax Office Boss, go to his office. Here you can get a lot of money by opening the hidden safe belonging to the Tax Office Boss. The safe is located behind the bookshelf, so press action on the bookshelf and the safe. Open the vault and get 500,000.

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A few tips, so that it’s easier for you to beat him, don’t forget to buy a lot of lives first at the hospital.

The final word

That was the explanation of the tax office’s latest mission in Sakura School Simulator.

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Thank you and hopefully useful.

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