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Tata BT21 Restaurant ID In Sakura School Simulator

PikipoSakura school Simulator is indeed very fun to play, especially with features that can make your own buildings according to your wishes. This can make the game more interesting and not boring.

On this occasion, there is a new building, namely the Tata BT21 Restaurant. Of course, you already know about the cute characters of BT21, especially for the Tata character. Many are fans of the Tata character, so there are Sakubers who make restaurant buildings that are designed according to this character. For example, the hallmark of Tata is the red color and the shape of love, so the restaurant is designed to follow Tata’s character. Also read: ID Spongebob playground in Sakura School Simulator.

Are you curious about the Tata BT21 restaurant?

If so, you must use the id props below to be able to visit the restaurant in the Sakura School Simulator game.

Tata BT21 Restaurant ID In Sakura School Simulator

Disclaimer; The ID props have been uploaded on Youtube from their respective owners. For those of you who want to use these id props, subscribe to their Youtube Chanel and give a like to the props as a form of appreciation and support from the maker of this Sakura School Simulator id props. Thank you.

  • Tata Restaurant 23162264125231 by Sugar Free

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That was the restaurant id Tata BT21 in Sakura School Simulator. If you want to add your props id, you can share it in the comments column, guys..

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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