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Swaggy Face Trend or Swag Jutsu Is Going Viral on TikTok, Come Check Out TikTok Swag Funny Here

Swaggy Face Trend or Swag Jutsu is going viral on TikTok, let's check out the cuteness of Swag here

Swag Jutsu. Hi Everyone, Back to Pikipo again. From all of you who are reading this article, have you ever seen a facial pose like in the picture above?

If you haven’t, then you haven’t been affected by the effects of Swaguyomi, namely Swag Jutsu from King Cristian. Now for all of you who don’t know what Swag Face or Swaggy actually means on TikTok, let’s see the review below.

What is Swag, Swaggy and Swag Jutsu?

As I mentioned above, the recent Swag Face trend has been buzzing on TikTok. But even so, what exactly is the meaning of the Swag Face?

The meaning of Swag is the expression of the word “Cool” which is often used on Social Media such as Instagram or Twiiter. That said, swag is short for “Style With A little bit Gangsta. Initially, this term developed among American hip-hop which is indeed thick with its gangster style. but over time it is often used and its meaning turns into the word Keren.

Well, for Swaggy or Swag face which is going viral on TikTok, this is a meme or just an entertainment video created by the TikTok account @KingChristian which in the end many people liked this Swag Face Pose and started following it too.

King Christian himself is a content creator of TikTok whose videos are mostly about real-life anime that he plays himself. Well, in one of the videos he parodies a scene from the Naruto anime which is quite famous, the Mugen Tsukoyomi scene. In the parody he made, he changed the Moon in Mugen Tsukoyomi into his Swag face pose, and from this video he started to make a lot of Swag Jutsu videos which eventually imitated this facial pose by many people, including in Indonesia.

So how, have you started to be affected by the effects of Swag Justu?

And are you guys also starting to try to imitate this Swag face pose?

One of the other funny things related to this Swag trend is that more and more people are starting to make these swag emoticons as stickers on WhatsApp where these Swag emoticons seem funny than other emoticons.

If you like the Swaggy trend that’s going viral on TikTok, please tell your friends to give it a try.

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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