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Suddenly Missing, Here Are 6 Ways To Overcome The Missing Cursor

JSMedia – The cursor is the most important feature when using a computer. Well, how how to fix missing cursor if this kind of problem you experience on the device? For Windows users, especially Windows 10, 8, or 7, this kind of problem often occurs.

Usually when the computer is just turned on or when the computer is hanging. Due to the loss of the computer/laptop cursor, eventually the computer cannot be used. Surely quite annoying? For those who have experienced this, you must know how to overcome it.

6 Ways to Overcome the Easiest Missing Cursor 100% Successful

It’s very easy to fix the missing cursor in Windows or other operating systems. For those who need a reference, here are some recommendations:

1. Restart Computer

1. Restart Computer

If the cursor is missing or not detected, it is a sign that the computer system is not responding. Usually enough to just restart the computer, you can solve the problem. Restarting the computer can be done in two ways, namely:

  • Restart as usual by pressing the shortcut Alt + F4 on the desktop.
  • Restart via the power button.

You can use both methods depending on the conditions on the device. For example, when the computer can still be turned off as usual, please restart the computer by pressing Alt + F4. But if it doesn’t work, please press the Power button.

2. Open Touchpad

2. Open Touchpad

The latest laptops sometimes support special features that allow users to lock the touchpad. The feature can be enabled and disabled via the device keyboard.

You can check for yourself, whether the touchpad is locked or not. The reason is that if the touchpad is locked, the cursor is not visible and ultimately cannot function as usual. Here’s the tutorial:

  • Look at sections F1 to F12, look for touchpad logo there.
  • Press the button with the touchpad logo and press FN.
  • Try checking again whether the cursor is working as before or not.

For those whose cursor doesn’t work yet, you can use how to fix missing cursor others, or try this method to make sure it works.

3. Use Another USB Mouse to Bring Up the Cursor

3. Use Another USB Mouse to Bring Up the Cursor

Driver problems can be caused by many things, such as bugs. On a laptop, this makes the touchpad not work as usual so the cursor disappears. The best solution, use a USB mouse.

If you have previously used a mouse and the cursor is still missing, try replacing it with another mouse or buying a new one. We recommend using a mouse that has its own driver even though the default has been plug and play.

4. Update Touchpad or Mouse Driver

4. Update Touchpad or Mouse Driver

On laptops, there are special touchpad drivers that can help with the cursor not showing up in Windows. The driver can be installed first. Relax because you can use the keyboard for the driver installation.

Drivers can be found through the DVD or the official website of each laptop brand. Here’s the official website of each laptop brand:

ASUS : www.asus.com

Acer : www.acer.co.id

HP : www.hp.com

Lenovo : www.lenovo.com

Dell : www.dell.com

On the official website page, you can find the driver page first. After that look for the touchpad driver. Missing cursor can be resolved properly after applying this method.

5. Reinstall Driver to Resolve Missing Cursor

5. Reinstall Driver to Resolve Missing Cursor

The way this time still has something to do with the driver. For those who have previously installed drivers, whether mouse or touchpad, it is possible that the drivers used are experiencing problems.

Therefore, you can fix it via Device Manager. Here’s the tutorial:

  • Press shortcut Windows + R to enter the menu RUN.
  • Type MSc.
  • choose Enter.
  • choose tab.
  • Use arrow keys to open sections Mice and other pointing devices.
  • Press Enter in mouse drivers.
  • open Driver.
  • Press Driver Updates.

Wait until the process is complete. If successful, restart the computer or laptop before using it.

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6. Reinstall

6. Reinstall

This is the last solution if the above doesn’t work. Yes, you have to reinstall first. This step is intended so that the system can be repaired properly.

The reinstallation process can be done as usual because it is very easy. Usually after completing the reinstallation process, the cursor that was lost immediately returns to normal. After that, you can use it for work.

For laptop and computer users, the missing cursor is certainly very disturbing. In fact, these problems often occur and are quite time-consuming for users. Luckily there are various how to fix missing cursor which can be utilized.

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