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Staxel with Harvest Moon Story, typical Minecraft graphics

Game – Harvest Moon and Minecraft were popular games in their respective eras. Harvest Moon has an interesting story game that draws a lot of viewers to play. While Minecraft itself has graphic pixel boxes that give a different impression when you play this game.

Given the advantages and popularity of the two games, a game developer named Plukit managed to come up with an innovation to create a game called Staxel that combines elements of the two. This game is sure to be interesting

Staxel presents the story of Harvest Moon with typical Minecraft checkered graphics

Staxel is very thick with the Minecraft feel

Later this game will tell the story of a farmer, like the story of a farmer in the Harvest Moon game. In this game you can fish, raise cattle, grow crops and do various other activities. In addition to work, you can socialize with local residents. If you are lucky, you may receive unexpected gifts from local residents.

Graphically, however, this Staxel game is like Minecraft. This game uses a sandbox based voxel world. You can even create and design your own buildings, just like you can in Minecraft. The material in this game is very varied and has a clean texture and is easy to use.

Just like Harvest Moon, this game also has pet or animal features that you can raise. However, if the Harvest Moon pet has dogs and horses. If it’s a pet, there are only dogs and cats.

You will not be bored, because Staxel offers PvP functions and a huge world

The world in this Staxel game is pretty big. It is certain that in time you will begin to leave the village and embark on an adventure into another world.

The developer guarantees that you will not get bored playing this Harcest Moon combo game with Minecraft as there are PvP features that allow you to interact with other players.

According to reports, this Staxel game will be released on Steam for PC in 2021. If you’re interested in remembering the story of Harvest Moon, but with typical Minecraft graphics, this one game can be checked out.

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