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Stardew Valley Android, Best Farming Game On Android

Pikipo – Farm-themed games are really fun, not only fun, farmer-themed games also teach various things, such as the struggle of farmers to earn money through their fields and farms.

Have you ever played Harvest Moon game?
This time I will give recommendations for farming games that are similar – similar to Harvestmoon, the gameplay is similar but not the same. The game is Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is a very interesting game, even this game is more interesting than Harvestmoon. Why, because this game is more free for players to be free to be creative in their gardens.

For example, we can put the cage where we want. In addition, we can also be creative at will.

For the graphics itself, this game is indeed lost, the graphics are quite discolored if you zoom in too close, but that’s okay, the gameplay is closed, it’s similar to Minecraft.

The good thing about the android version compared to the PC version is that this game has a full touchscreen and can also auto action, so it can be easier if you want to do something.

For example, when we want to water our plants we just need to press the plants we want to water, it’s really easy. In addition, this game can also be zoomed in and zoomed out.

The map of this game is quite wide, enough to make you get lost the first time you play it.

This game also requires us to socialize with the community.
No less than the Harvestmoon game, the most popular feature is being able to get married and have children. Try it yourself, nostalgic playing Harvestmoon PS 1 hahaha.

That’s all, please try the game yourself.
For the game, you can download it on the Playstore for 119 thousand, or you can search for free on google search a lot.

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