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Sound Editing Applications So Good for Android Free That You Must Install

Jakarta Studio – It turns out that smartphones not only provide various video and photo editing platforms, but also sound editing applications for Android. So, it can help some people who deal directly with audio, one of which is content creators.

5 Sound Editing Apps So Good for Android

Sound editing applications have various features that can edit audio to be better and clearer. So voice recording activities can be done directly via a smartphone and there is no need to worry about the quality. Here are 5 good sound editing apps for Android:

1. Timbre

Timbre is one of the platforms developed by Xeus developers. This application allows users to edit the sound to be better and clearer. Through editing, there are many tools with the function of improving the audio quality according to the user’s wishes and not breaking.

Timbre comes with a variety of interesting features. Users can also explore edits at will until they find the best one. Starting from converting, merging files, changing bitrates, cutting to reverse. In addition, the application can create animations as well as GIFs.

2. WavePad Audio Editor Free

Although this application is free, it does not make it less competitive with others. WavePad Audio Editor Free has a variety of features and looks like Adobe Audition. For PC editors, this name may be familiar, especially when editing audio or sound.

WavePad Audio Editor Free is developed by NCH Software and includes various features for editing sound on Android. Starting from recording live, to doing editing, can be done on this platform. In addition, you can set Echo, Phaser, Vibrato to Mastering.

3. Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis Audio Editor is one of the best sound editing apps for Android. Thanks to its advanced features such as the availability of 10 types of equalizers that are useful for clearing audio. In addition, users can record directly through the platform and edit it to be more melodious.

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This application made by Pamsys developers also imports songs on smartphones for later editing or effects. Lexis Audio Editor supports a variety of audio formats, from MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC to ACC. Best of all, you can export sounds and change their format.

4. BandLab

BandLab, previously called PocketBand, is an application with a function to compose songs. Because, on this platform there are various kinds of editing from vocals, bass, guitar to drums via Android. Interestingly, BandLab can be downloaded for free.

Therefore, this application is very suitable for editing the sound to be melodious and clearer. Users can also record live and edit audio with its various features. BandLab provides a variety of instrument effects and auto pitch for tone synchronization.

5. Video Sound Editor

This application is as the name implies, namely as Video editing. However, apart from that, it has another function, which is that it can be used to edit the sound for the better. Equipped with a mixing feature that allows users to edit audio through the tools in VSE.

This application, which has been downloaded 117 million times, is able to make the sound clear and melodious and manage other things. In terms of size, it doesn’t take up much storage space because it’s so small at 11MB. In addition, with its completeness, Video Sound Editor can be accessed for free.

That was the discussion about the sound editing application for Android. This platform is very useful for those of you who like to create song cover content or the like. So that only through a smartphone, the audio results still have good quality.

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