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Skincare Tips for Caring for Sensitive Skin and Acne

Skincare Tips for Caring for Sensitive Skin and Acne

Pikipo – Sensitive skin is characterized by dry skin conditions and easily irritated. This could be due to soap and facial cleansers, it could also be due to air pollution containing chemicals in facial care products.

Having sensitive skin certainly makes us uncomfortable and always anxious if we want to try new care products.

If you have sensitive facial skin, don’t worry, this article will explain tips for caring for sensitive skin on the face.

Pay attention to the following explanation so that your sensitive skin problem can be resolved.

Tips for Caring for Skin on Sensitive Faces and Acne

Caring for facial skin is very important to do to support appearance, in addition to intelligence, a clean face is also needed in getting a job or a partner, both girls and boys. Because sensitive skin knows no gender, doesn’t know singles or not, whoops!!

For that, pay attention to the following tips for caring for sensitive skin!

Routine Face Cleaning

Sensitive skin can be overcome one of them by cleaning the face regularly. Clean your face in the morning and at night (before going to bed).

It’s not just PMS girls who want to be softened, also use soft facial products made from natural ingredients such as aloe vera or those containing Vit E for people with sensitive skin and then rinse with warm water.

To dry your face, use a clean towel or facial tissue, and lastly, don’t touch your face with your hands too often.

Pay attention to the ingredients of cosmetic products

Often sensitive skin is caused by certain types of ingredients found in cosmetic products. Especially now that there are many skincare enthusiasts and also many various skincare products with fast and satisfying results, but many users don’t know the chemical content in it, therefore you need to be careful when buying facial care products.

Avoid the type of product that contains excess alcohol, because it will trigger reactions on the face such as heat, breakouts, red spots or the like on sensitive facial skin. For that you can also use cosmetic products that contain aloe vera, green tea, or camomile.

Using Moisturizer

Using a moisturizer for sensitive skin will help reduce the occurrence of dry skin. But in fact we we also have to be more selective when choosing moisturizing products.

Use a type of moisturizer with ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin. A few suggestions for choosing moisturizing products for sensitive skin are as follows:

Choose products that are Oil-Free

One way to choose a moisturizer for sensitive skin is to know the label of the moisturizer. A moisturizer with an oil-free label is highly recommended for those with sensitive skin.

Products that are oil-free will prevent clogging of pores. Moreover, clogged pores are a common cause of blackheads and acne.

Avoid Products That Contain Mineral Oil

For people with sensitive skin, of course, they will be more at risk of experiencing irritation or dullness on the skin. Therefore, avoid products that contain mineral oil. The reason, mineral oil often makes the skin drier. Such conditions are at risk of irritation or allergic reactions.

Use a moisturizer that contains SPF

Sensitive skin is more prone to skin problems. No wonder you have to choose a moisturizer that contains skin-protective ingredients. One of them is SPF.

SPF itself serves to prevent the bad effects of free radicals. Not only from sunlight which contains UVA and UVB, but also from air that has been polluted by pollution.

Those are some tips on caring for sensitive skin on the face that you can do. Next, you can consult a facial skin specialist to get more detailed information regarding sensitive skin.

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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