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Siren Esport Wins MDL Season 2 After Defeating RRQ Sena

Siren Esport Wins MDL Season 2 After Defeating RRQ Sena

Pikipo – MDL Season 2 has reached the final round today, Sunday 11 October 2021 with the final round that pits RRQ SENA against Siren Esport.

The final battle between RRQ Sena and Siren Esport was won by Siren Esport with a pretty landslide score. 3 – 1.

Siren Esport’s victory is a very special victory for Siren Esport itself because we know that Siren is a team that has only been formed for about a year and this is the second time they have participated in this MDL championship.

Siren is an MDL mid-table team that can be considered as an Underdog because they even experienced a very difficult regular season round and often lost at the beginning of the regular season and barely made it through to the playoffs.

Even so, it doesn’t make Siren Esport a weak team. Proof that they have succeeded in crushing RRQ Sena who are the favorites to win in this MDL Season 2 and Proof that they are champions is something we must wait for their careers in MPL Next Season.

Truly an extraordinary achievement for Siren Esport and Congratulations on being the MDL Season 2 Champion. Hopefully we will become a better and more solid team in order to provide fiercer competition in the Mobile legends tournament in the future.

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