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Similar to Compass, RichN Paying Money Making Application or Scam?

JSMedia – In the midst of the sheer number of applications that claim to be able to make money through an Android phone, we must always be vigilant and not easily tempted. One of the apps that is currently viral is RichN. Have you ever heard of it?

Again, this application also claims that it can provide income only with an Android phone. But with a series of cases of similar apps happening recently, we’re left wondering is RichN a scam illegal application?

To answer this question, Jakarta Studio has made a summary that will dissect this RichN app in depth. About how the mechanism works and the legality of the application itself. Curious? Please see the following.

RichN Money Making APK?

Money-making apps are one of the most effective ways to attract people’s attention in this time of pandemic. Offers various ways that are said to be able to make a lot of money without capital and so on.

And RichN is also one such app. He claims to be able to provide income to its users with just an Android cellphone. What is the working mechanism of this one application so that it can make money?

How RichN APK Works

RincN illegal and scam app

From what Jakarta Studio has searched, this application may be similar to Compass, which is now on the verge of becoming a scam application. The way RichN APK works is to assign tasks or missions to its users.

The form of the mission given is to place an order for a product which will later get a number of rewards/commissions of a certain percentage of the product ordered. In addition, there is also a mission to invite new members to download and register with RichN.

You could say almost the same as the working mechanism of other similar applications. That is to give certain missions and what you shouldn’t miss is the referral mission to attract more members to join the application.

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RichN App VIP Level

In addition to missions and referrals that can be done by its users, in RichN there are also several VIP levels. There are levels 1 to level 6 with each benefit. Where the level can be increased along with the increase in your balance.

And of course, to increase the amount of the balance can be done by doing missions. Or if you want it faster then you have to do a topup or deposit money. The classic method of collecting money from its users.RincN illegal and scam app

The amount of top up that can be done on this application to reach a higher level starts from 100 thousand rupiah. And to reach level 6, you must topup worth 500 thousand rupiah. But make no mistake, when you reach level 6 doesn’t mean you can immediately do level 6 missions.

Because to do certain level missions also requires a certain amount of balance as well. For example, for level 1, it can be done for free because it only takes 20 thousand capital to open the mission. This is the capital provided for free by the RichN application at the beginning of registration.

But when you reach VIP level 5 and want to do a level 5 mission, then the balance we have is at least 10 million rupiah. And for level 6 itself, you must have a minimum balance of 20 million rupiah. So when we topup 500k to reach level 6, it doesn’t mean the mission is immediately open. Because it must be adjusted to the amount of the balance in order to be unlocked.

Then what is the function of this VIP level? The higher our level, then we can also do more missions with bigger rewards. Because if you play for free then of course only level 1 we can do and it’s long enough if you want to level up without a deposit. So if you want to do a level 6 mission, you have to topup 20 million rupiah. Horrible right?

Is RichN an Illegal Application?

When it comes to money-making apps, nowadays we must always pay attention to the legality. Because applications that are not clear are very risky for scams or not paying. Then what about this RichN APK?

It can be concluded that RichN is an illegal application that is not registered with the OJK. We can’t even find the application in the playstore. To download it, we can only go through the website RichN APK. Register first and then download the APK.

Is RichN a Scam App?

From the characteristics that we have discussed above, it can be concluded that this application is quite risky for scams. Because the legality alone is not clear, so there is no guarantee of security for this app. So it is not recommended for you to try it.

But if you are really curious and want to prove whether RichN is a scam or paying, please try but don’t make a deposit. Just do the available missions and try to find referral members. Once the balance is sufficient, make a withdrawal and see if it really pays or is a scam.


Well, that’s a complete discussion about the RichN Apk application which is currently viral. Hopefully the explanation above can provide enlightenment for all of us. Because in conditions like today, we must always be careful and not easily tempted by the lure of money-making applications.

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