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Signs that your Android is infected with a virus or malware

Since the rapid development of the era, the motives of crime began to develop. The subject Android is attacking this time is more dangerous, namely malware or virus, and Android is very susceptible to various types of malware. Android smartphone owners need to be aware of the following signs of viruses and malware as they can be harmful.

Signs that Android has been affected by virus or malware:

1. Ads or advertisements appear everywhere

Ads usually appear when we run an application, it’s still natural. It is a different matter when we are not running any applications but displaying ads. It could be malware that is causing these ads to appear. Continuous ads can mean that your quota / data will run out quickly. Get rid of this type of malware ASAP

2. Your Android suddenly dies

Malware can affect incoming calls on a virus-infected Android. Usually an Android infected by a virus when receiving a call suddenly dies or the call suddenly ends. However, this symptom isn’t entirely due to malware, it could also be a bad carrier.

3. The battery runs out quickly

When gaming, the battery is usually empty quickly. If you are not playing games and your battery is draining quickly, malware could be attacking. Malware could be behind your Android operation, causing the battery to drain quickly

4. Android operating system / performance will decrease

This type of malware causes Android’s performance to drop dramatically. One way to ensure this is to install the CPU Monitor application on Google Play. There you will find out if it is an application that is consuming a lot of RAM, or because of the CPU load, or because Android has a virus.

5. Credit becomes extravagant

This usually irritates malware victims, I am one of them because this type of malware can steal credits without notice.

6. Quota runs out quickly or data increases dramatically

Just like impulsive malware, this type of malware is more interested in the victim’s data quota. If your quota runs out quickly despite normal usage, your Android may be infected with a virus or malware

Tips for dealing with viruses and malware:

  1. Don’t just download applications that don’t have a clear source
  2. Remove the virus originating application
  3. Have antivirus on your Android Best antivirus list for Android
  4. And watch out for permissions or permissions when downloading applications

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