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Secure Data! 5 Ways to Lock PC Files from Nosy Friends See the explanation

JSMedia – Uneasy when the files on the computer are opened by random people? No need to worry, you can do how to lock files on computer easily. For some people, maybe this has never been done. In fact, there are many benefits that can be obtained you know.

Adding passwords for certain files can better protect your privacy. Thus, other people will not be able to open it. Basically, almost all types of files can be locked tightly, ranging from photo, video, excel, pdf files, and so on.

4 Ways to Lock Files on a Computer

You can use the default program when you want to lock a folder. Another case if you want to lock a file, you should prepare additional applications. Instead of being curious, consider the following ways to lock files on the computer.

1. Using WinRAR

1. Using WinRAR

The WinRAR application is certainly no stranger to its existence. In fact, this software is almost always available on every Windows-based computer. In short, WinRAR is an application that allows you to compress files.

WinRAR can also be used to lock files on your computer, here are the easy steps:

  • Make sure the app WinRAR already installed on your laptop/PC.
  • After successfully installed, locate and select the file you want to lock.
  • Right-click on the file, then select Add to Archive.
  • choose Set Password.
  • Set the desired keywords, then click
  • Wait until the file compression process is complete.

You can extract the file to check it. Therefore, the user will be asked to enter the password that was set earlier before the extraction process begins.

This method can be called universal because it can be applied to all types of files. Not only that, you can also use this method for files with various sizes, ranging from tens of MB to GB. However, the compression process is quite time consuming.

2. Using Microsoft Excel

2. Using Microsoft Excel

This method can be done for those who want to add a password to the excel file. Thus, the excel file will be specially protected. No need to worry, you don’t need any additional apps.

This is because the software needed is Microsoft Excel itself. The easy way is to add encryption to the document. For more details, see the steps to add a password to the following excel document:

  • open Microsoft Excel, then select the excel file you want to lock.
  • After that, click Prepare on the top left menu.
  • Click Encrypt Document.
  • Set the password as desired, then click
  • Click button

If the above process is done correctly, you will be asked to confirm the password first. Whether for old or new excel documents, users can try it right away.

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3. Using Microsoft Word

3. Using Microsoft Word

It seems almost everyone has accessed this Microsoft Word application. If you often work on word documents, you should lock this document to make it more secure. Then, how to protect a word document that has been created? Here’s the easy way:

  • Open the word document that you want to lock with Microsoft Word.
  • Next, select Prepare on the top left menu.
  • choose Encrypt Documents.
  • Enter the desired keywords.
  • Click
  • Save the word document as usual.

After successfully saved, you can immediately open the document. Later, Microsoft Word will ask the user to enter the keywords that have been created.

4. Using SmallPDF

4. Using SmallPDF

How to lock files on a computer can also be done online. One site that provides this service is SmallPDF. This service lets you take advantage of certain tppls to lock files. The steps to lock the file, namely:

  • First open the site SmallPDF at https://smallpdf.com/id.
  • In the initial screen, click Protect PDFs.
  • After that, click menu File Drop to select the desired PDF file.
  • Enter the keywords you want to use.
  • To start the encryption process, please click Encrypt PDF.

After adding these keywords, the user just has to save the PDF file. When you want to open it, you will be asked to enter the password you created.

How to lock files on computer it’s quite easy to do. You can choose the method with or without the application to be able to add keywords to the file. Thus, users will avoid the hands of fad fiddling with files on the computer.

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