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Secret Tricks to Save Cellphone Battery So It's Not Wasteful

Secret Tricks to Save Cellphone Battery So It's Not Wasteful

Pikipo – How to Save Hnphone Battery So It’s Not Wasteful

Mobile phones have become one of the necessities that can now be considered important.

Mobile needs are very diverse ranging from photos, playing games to work needs.

But have you ever found your cellphone battery to be wasteful and really interfere with your activities.

The battery capacity of each cell phone is different depending on the specifications provided by the manufacturer.

For that this time I will give a tip on how to save our cellphone battery so that it is not wasteful.

1. Turn off the auto brightness level.

All you have to do is go to the settings or settings section then select the display, turn off automatic brightness and slightly dim the screen brightness on your cellphone because the screen brightness consumes quite a lot of battery power.

2. Turn off your cellphone internet data if the cellphone is not in use.

Internet data on the cellphone also requires a lot of power, especially if we are in a place that has a signal. The phone will work harder to collect the signal and make it consume more battery.

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3.Reducing applications that consume a lot of battery.

The trick is that you open settings or settings, then select battery and performance, then you look at the battery consumption section. You can delete applications that are less useful and consume a lot of battery power.

4. Avoid using widgets and live wallpapers.

Widgets and live wallpapers are one of the most battery-draining apps because they run constantly in the background. Use widgets sparingly like clock and date, and also use regular picture wallpapers to save battery life.

5. Use the battery saving feature

On some smartphones, especially for the new series, there is already a battery saving feature, you can activate it to further save your Smartphone’s battery power.

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So, those were some tips to save your battery power so it’s not wasteful. Hopefully it can be a reference for you.

Hope it is useful..

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