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Sausage Man Robot Motor, Location and How to Get It

Sausage Man Robot Motor, Location and How to Get It

Sausage Man Robot Motorcycle – Hello everyone, this time mimin will give you a quick way to find Sausage Man Robot Motor. Just take a look at the tutorial.

In the game Sausage Man, there is a unique vehicle, namely the Motor Robot. Yes, as the name suggests, this Motor Robot is a multi-functional vehicle that has two different forms. Also read: Cool, Nice and Aethetic Sausage Man Names

The first form is a very fast motorbike or vehicle. Then the second form is a combat robot with weapons in both hands.

Now for those of you who are curious about how strong this Robot Motor is, I will give you tips or ways to get a Robot Motor in this Sausage Man game.

How to Get Sausage Man Robot Motorcycle

These are the steps you have to do to find Sausage Man Robot Motor:

  1. Play Classic Mode
  2. If you have started, you are free to go down anywhere because the Motor Robot does not appear at the beginning of the game, so you can boot first for protection.
  3. Then you just wait until the notification ” THE MYSTERIOUS ITEM HAS APPEARED ” appears!
  4. You just open the map and see where the position of the symbol (?)
  5. Then the last one you just have to come to the simbil ( ? ) and ride.

There are two Mysterious Items in the Sausage Man game, namely Holy Sword and Motor Robot. So if you don’t get a Robot then you will get a sword.

That was a quick way to get the Sausage Man Robot Motor. Hope this method can help you.

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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