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Sausage Man Maintenance, Here's the Latest Update Leaked 2021

Sausage Man Maintenance and Latest Update Leaks

Sausage Man Maintenance – Hello friends, back at pikipo. On this occasion I will again discuss about “Sausage Man Maintenance”. How come the maintenance is really broken or is there a new update? Curious? Check out the explanation below.

Sausage man is a battle royal game that requires teams to fight each other to survive until there are no opponents left. This game is very fun to play especially with friends or relatives at home.


For those who don’t know the definition of maintenance in the game sausage man. Maintenance is the improvement as well as the addition of graphic quality and the addition of new features that can support the game of the Sausage Man game player.

Sausage Man Maintenance

Precisely today (12/7/2021) the game developer is doing maintenance or repairs on several features and bugs in the Sausage Man game.

Of course, with this maintenance, the sausage man game cannot be played in total for the next few days. This is a pity because and makes the player sausage man disappointed. But many of them also understand it because for the sake of better game quality in the future.

Sausage Man News

After news circulated from Twitter stating that the Sausage Man game will be under maintenance to get the best quality for this version of the game.

The plan is that the developer of the Sausage Man game will carry out maintenance at (08.00-09) in the morning or (07.00-08.00) WIB. But that time is only an estimate for more or less the specified time still depends on the success of the maintenance.

Sausage Man Update Leaked After Maintenance

As I explained above, this maintenance in addition to fixing bugs later also aims to add some new unique features for you gamers.

Below additional features and bug fixes

New features:

  • Thai language available
  • Optimization for all regions of Indonesia

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue of slow loading
  • Fixed an issue with conversations with friends
  • Fix chat unavailable issue
  • Fixed text error when updating to premium season pass
  • Fixed the display of festival of the goddess items colorful supply box

The final word

Well, that’s information about the game Sausage Man Maintenance. If you feel confused about the article that I have described above, you can ask and write it in the comments column, guys.

Don’t forget to read other articles on pikipo. Because there are still many articles about other Sausage Man game updates that you can read to increase your insight about this game. Thanks for reading and enjoy guys.

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