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Sausage Man Dragon, Location and How to Get It

Sausage Man Dragon, Location and How to Get It

Dragon Sausage Man – Hello everyone, on this occasion I would like to share about the Sausage Man Dragon and its location and how to get it. Let’s just see the review below.

In this Sausage Man game, there are 3 mysterious weapons that are really OP, namely the Holy Sword, Motor Robot and the third is the Dragon. Maybe for those of you who have played the game Sausage Man for a long time, you already know about this, but for those who are new to playing, I hope this helps. Also read: How to Activate the Tilting Button in Sausage Man

The dragon in the Sausage Man game is one of the most powerful and rare weapons. We can make this dragon a flying vehicle and as a weapon to attack the opponent.

This Sausage Man dragon attacks by spitting fire in the direction we point to. For players who are hit by this dragon burst, they will die immediately. So for those of you who meet this dragon-riding player, you have to be careful.

Location and How to Get Dragon Sausage Man

The way to get this Dragon is actually very easy and is the same as getting a sword and a robot. The location of this Dragon is random, for more details, just see how to get the Dragon Sausage Man below:

  1. Unlock and play classic mode in your Sausage Man game.
  2. You guys just boot and play first, because later there will be a notification if the Dragon has appeared.
  3. Wait for the notification ” THE MYSTERIOUS ITEM HAS APPEARED!”
  4. If it appears, just open the map, and look for a question mark (?)
  5. Please go to the question mark (?) in the map.
  6. THE MYSTERIOUS ITEM, there are 3 as I explained earlier.
  7. If you are lucky, then you will get this very OP Dragon.

That was the location and how to get the Dragon Sausage Man. Please note that THE MYSTERIOUS ITEM only has 1 in each match. So don’t let other players miss you.

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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