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Sakura Tree Barrier ID In Sakura School Simulator

Pikipo – Hello guys. Don’t move on from pikipo, hehe. because mimin wants to give props id obstacles again. Namely props id sakura tree obstacle in Sakura School Simulator.

After some time ago Mimin discussed car obstacles, this time Mimin wants to talk about obstacles that exist around the highway beside which are planted with cherry trees. What’s interesting about the location is the cool view and everything is pink.

According to Mimin, this is the easiest obstacle than those discussed previously. In this obstacle, you don’t need to be too concentrated in passing it, because you just have to jump and jump to get past the existing obstacles. The good thing is that there aren’t that many obstacles. Also read: Sakura School Simulator Orphanage ID

Interested in trying out the obstacles?

Just use the id props below, so that in Sakura School Simulator you are fast in finding the location of the obstacle.

Sakura Tree Barrier ID In Sakura School Simulator

Disclaimer; The ID props have been uploaded on Youtube from their respective owners. For those of you who want to use these id props, subscribe to their Youtube Chanel and give a like to the props as a form of appreciation and support from the maker of this Sakura School Simulator id props. Thank you.

  • Cherry Blossom Tree 36162337936622 by Haura Chalis

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That’s the discussion about the cherry tree obstacle id props in Sakura School Simulator. If you want to add your props id, you can share it in the comments column, guys..

Thank you for visiting. Thanks for reading and enjoy guys

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