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Sakura School Simulator Mosque ID Collection

Sakura School Simulator Mosque ID Collection

ID Sakura School Simulator Masjid – Assalamu’alaikum friends… Back to pikipo.my.id 🙂 how are you preparing to welcome the holy month of Ramadan? If you’re mimin, of course, you’re ready, hehe.

This time, Mimin wants to share ID Props again, or rather the ID Collection of the Sakura School Simulator Mosque.

Fyi, 1 more day has entered not the holy month of Ramadan. For those of you who are Muslims, don’t forget to fast, and don’t forget to pray Tarawih in the mosque…

Well, for Sakura School Simulator game lovers, you really must use the Sakura School Simulator Mosque ID on your Sakura School Simulator game account.

So instead of being curious, let’s just take a look at the reviews below.

Sakura School Simulator Mosque ID Collection

Here, my friends, give me the ID, don’t forget to download it. For those who don’t know how, you can read here How to find and save Sakura School Simulator Props ID

Disclaimer: These Props IDs have been uploaded on Youtube from their respective owners. For those of you who want to use ID Props, don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube Channel and give a like to the props as a form of appreciation and support from the maker of this Sakura School Simulator ID Props. thank you.

1. Tempe Gaming Mosque : 50161529264313

2. Mosque by relax mole : 9116151739356

3. Mosque : 4316162123986

4. Baitul Ikhlas Mosque: 44161675203753

5. Cianjur Square Mosque: 33161687116617

6. As-sholihin Mosque: 38161734755620

That was the Sakura School Simulator Mosque ID collection. Maybe you also like BTS Sakura School Simulator Home ID

That’s it for now, if you want to add your Props ID, you can share it in the comments column.

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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