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[REVIEW] The Stanley Parable - Comedy and Other Surprises. - Indovirt

GameThe Stanley Parable is a first-person exploration game created using Valve’s source engine. We play as Stanley, employee number 427, whose job it is to follow the instructions on the monitor to press the keys on the keyboard. Boring indeed, but one day all of the employees, even Stanley’s boss, disappeared. Then we steer Stanley under the guidance of the narrator.

Let’s start this game!

I describe this game as “Walking Simulator” with a full comedy narrative. Why did I say that? First, The narrative direction expressed by Kevan Brighting is very ridiculous (to me) when Stanley walks, pushes buttons and engages in other activities. second, Elements of comedy that are so fresh out of the oven and sometimes unexpected. For example, when we get into other games like Minecraft, Portal, and even this game when it is in the development phase.

The option where we enter Valve’s portal game.

How much does it cost to get the Stanley Parable game?

To get this game you need to prepare IDR 115,999 (when this post was published) but during the summer sale this game gets 75% off IDR 28,999

To find out more, check out the launch trailer below.

Here’s the Wikipedia’s critics’ score, quite high for an indie game, in fact.

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