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Review of Bukalapak66 Money Making, Proven Paying?

JSMedia – Do you know Fnaczone which used to go viral? That’s the face of Bukalapak8 or Bukalapak66 that makes money, which will be reviewed this time. Does the whole look the same? Let’s look at the truth about this app to prove if it’s a scam or not.

The rise of digital platforms is used by developers to create applications that can make money like YouTube. On YouTube, the job of creating content is quite burdensome considering that more and more new content creators are popping up with high creativity.

If you want to make money via the internet without feeling like working like a YouTube content creator, you can use Bukalapak66 which is said to be able to provide real income. What is Bukalapak66?

About Bukalapak66

About Bukalapak66

Judging from the name, this application is like a part of marketplace Bukalapak. In fact it’s not. Bukalapak66 is not part of the online store. It can be said that the application that has two 6 numbers behind it imitates the Bukalapak company.

This viral application has just been released and is often discussed among online money seekers. Bukalapak66 is a money-making application that will give you income. Just like the Bukalapak market concept, in this apk you will be asked to do several shopping tasks.

Although the order is not real, this activity generates rupiah coffers. You can use this application for free including fictitious ordering activities.

There are 10 order missions that must be completed every day after you successfully register as a member. Each member can generate a commission of 2% of the total amount of fictitious purchases. Quite profitable, right? No need to think about creating content and just clicks can earn.

The work time is also not as strict as working in the office, starting from 10 am to 10 pm. You can complete tasks in your spare time or while resting.

Download Link Register Member at Bukalapak66

After reading the benefits of joining this application, are you curious to try it right away?

Follow the following registration guide if you want to become a money-making Bukalapak66 member.

  1. Because it’s still new, visit the official platform from Bukalapak66 at the following link: Bukalapak Web Making Money
  2. You will be directed to the member registration page.
  3. Immediately enter the name or number you want to register.
  4. Then, create a difficult password because the account will be filled with commissions from your work.
  5. After clicking Register, you are officially a member of Bukalapak66 Com.

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How to Use Bukalapak66 Money Maker

How to Use Bukalapak66 Money Maker

Using this application, it turns out to be easy, by following the instructions below, you will better understand Bukalapa66.

1. How to Make Money on Bukalapak66

After registering as a member, continue to earn money. It is very easy to earn commissions here. To make using the app easier, follow these generating steps below.

  • Work on assignments between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.
  • Do you see the button in the middle of the main menus? Select the button.
  • After that, click on Auto Match.
  • No need to bother looking for items like shopping because the application will arrange them automatically.
  • Then Bukalapak66 will display details of a fictitious order that must be purchased.
  • Select the Send Now menu to complete the order.
  • Complete up to the 10th order and wait for the commission to be disbursed to the account balance.

2. How to Withdraw Balance

If your Bukalapak66 account has enough income, make the following withdrawals so that your money can be transferred to your personal account.

  • Open the Bukalapak66 Profile menu.
  • Then, select the Withdraw or Withdraw menu.
  • Enter the bank information used, starting from your name, bank name and account number.
  • After that, click the Settings Information button.
  • Then enter the amount of money you want to transfer to the account.
  • Then you will be asked to enter your Bukalapak66 account password.
  • Select the Withdraw menu so the company can directly transfer the commission you earn.

Is it true that Bukalapak66 is Proven to Pay?

Is it true that Bukalapak66 is Proven to Pay?

This application does indeed earn, but does not necessarily pay. If you pay attention, Bukalapak66 and Fnaczone are no different. Starting from the registration form, the main page, to the missions given are exactly the same.

Because Fnaczone is a scam, there is a high chance that Bukalapak66 will do the same. This can be seen from the way it works, such as calculating commissions from completing fictitious orders. In addition, other money-making applications, such as Candy Master, are not shaped like Bukalapak66 but are in the form of games.

If you are curious about paying or not, you can try it yourself by following the guide to using the money-making Bukalapak66 application described above.

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