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[REVIEW] Agar.Io - Eat or Be Eaten Game

[REVIEW] Agar.Io – Game To Eat Or Be Eaten – Maybe some Android smartphone users don’t know much about this game, but for browser users on PC (Personal Computer) they are definitely familiar with this simple fun game, Agar.Io by famous game developer Miniclip.com. This action game has been downloaded 10 million times on the Playstore


Life begins with a small cell, you have to try to eat a lot in order for the cells to grow. If the cell is still small, the cell still has enough speed to run away from the larger cell. Hide under the green virus to protect against large cells as the virus can break down large cells. If your cells are big enough, you can eat cells that are smaller than the cells you have. Compete with other players on the server and put your name on the leaderboards. Only the most malicious cells can survive, so Eat or you will be eaten …


There are many ways to become a giant cell. Here is an easy and powerful way to become a giant cell in the Android version of Agar.Io:

1. If it is still in the small cell stage :

a.Start the game by eating food or available food, avoiding cells that are larger than your cells as much as possible. If a large cell is chasing you, hide under the virus as the virus can break down larger parts of the cell body. Warning: If a cell is infected with a virus and the cell is split into several parts, immediately eat the broken part of the cell and start raging

2. When cells have grown large (medium size) :

A. Start chasing small cells
B. Try the split technique as the cells you have are slow enough to prey on small cells. Here is the split technique:

Split is a powerful way to capture your opponent.
1. Start approaching the cell that you want to eat
2. Make sure in advance that the limbs of your split cell are larger than the cell you are aiming for to eat the target. If the cell body you’re dividing is smaller, the target will eat your cell
3. If it’s right, point your cell at the target cell you want to exploit and hit the split button on your Android screen

Warning: with this average cell size, you can no longer hide behind the virus, as the virus splits up your cells

3. In the case of large size:

a. Avoid Viruses
b. Use the split technique
c) Walking when attacked by a cell larger than you with sputum mass

[Eject Mass Technique]
Ejecta is used when pressed by a larger cell. Escape route:
1.When we are being followed by a larger cell, the cell usually uses a split method. To escape the split technique we need speed, if we are still in the small cell stage, the movement is faster, right? in this way we must reduce our burden with the mass ejected
2. The cargo we dispose of is made up as follows:
The mass of the removed parts is only 80% of the mass lost by the ejected mass, so the cells that eat it get 12 mass. So if: 16 x 0.8 = 12.8, the decimal place is cut off.
3. When it has run away, we are free again, but smaller than before, which is better than being eaten by a larger cell and starting over.

4.If the size is very big4000 “>:

a. Dominate the map and eat cells that are smaller than the cells you need to aim at
b. Avoid Viruses
c) Avoid cells that are slightly larger than you.

That was the reviews and tips or how to play the game Agar.Io. So what are you waiting for, write your name on the leaderboards and be the wildest cell in Agar.Io

Additional quotes that can be found in the game Agar.io by TUTORIUS 12:

Eat or be eaten

Something big starts small

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