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Resident Evil Multiplayer Online goes into closed beta phase

Resident Evil multiplayer

Resident Evil is one of the many very successful game franchises from developer Capcom. The game is now in its eighth sequel, titled Resident Evil: Village, which will be released soon. Well, there is good news for the Resident Evil game as Capcom is developing a Resident Evil multiplayer game.

These days, it is no fun if you can’t play a multiplayer game online. The proof is that there have been many games with multiplayer modes in the past few years that have been quite successful in the market. Perhaps Capcom intends to try their luck to create a Resident Evil game with a multiplayer mode if you think about it.

It is already in the closed beta phase

The Resident Evil multiplayer game is reportedly currently in closed beta. This suggests that this game will most likely be released in the near future. You have to know that this Resident Evil multiplayer game may not have anything to do with the 8th Resident Evil series or its official title Resident Evil Village, so it can be said that this game will be released on its own.

Capcom announced that the official Open Beta for the 25th Anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise will take place in March. All fans of the Resident Evil franchise can register now to try out the Resident Evil multiplayer game first in the closed beta phase.

Capcom is planning the closed beta for Resident Evil Multiplayer from January 27th to January 31st. Rumor has it that each region has different operating times, which are divided by a certain amount of maintenance time. But unfortunately, this closed beta phase is only available for fans who use the PS4 and Xbox One platforms, not yet for next-gen consoles or PCs.

Registration for the closed beta phase is already open from today until January 25th, the last announcement will be made on January 27th. Already a member of the Resident Evil Ambassadors program will have a great opportunity to take part in this closed beta.

Whether or not this game is Resident Evil Multiplayer, and whether this game will have a relationship with Resident Evil Village, we will all know from January 27th. If things go well, this beta project will most likely appear in mid-2021 at the latest. We just have to wait and see what happens next and only get the latest information on Game, the best gaming portal in Indonesia.

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