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Realme C12 Price Update, One Million Must Buy

Realme C12 Price Update, One Million Must Buy

Pikipo – The price of the Realme C12 that must be purchased along with its specifications.

Realme C12 has become a hot topic of conversation among smartphone lovers, especially the lower middle class.

How not, this Realme C12 has a very pocket-friendly price but also has quality and specifications that are not cheap.

Realme C12 price

This Realme C12 cellphone has been discussed a lot because it answers many of the problems we are currently facing related to the COVID-19 virus pandemic which has not disappeared until now.

With a price of 1 million and is claimed to have a high battery life and the various other advantages it offers, it is guaranteed to be able to meet the various needs of your smartphone activities.

Here is a review of the Realme C12 Specifications:

6000 mAh battery.

The first advantage, of course, lies in its battery capacity, which is 6000 mAh. With a battery capacity of this size, it is guaranteed that you will no longer be confused about battery problems.

One of the advantages of the Realme C12 is that there is a Super Power Saving Mode feature where this feature can make a battery that is only 5% can last almost 2 hours to use the Whatsapp application, so it is suitable for those of you who really need a durable cellphone for daily activities.

A camera with many advantages

Realme C12 has 3 rear cameras with a resolution of 13 MP on the main camera, an 8 MP Ultrawide lens and a 2 MP monochrome lens.

As for the front camera, the Realme C12 has a 5 MP resolution camera.

Another advantage of the Realme C1 camera is that there are several additional features provided, among others.

Ultra Macro

This feature allows us to be able to see or capture objects more closely and still be able to maintain the clarity of the object.

Super Nightscape

Realme C12 Price Update, One Million Must Buy

This Nightscape feature allows us to get clear photos even if we are in a dark or low light place because in this feature the camera is able to capture and optimize low light for better photos.

AI Selfie Camera

Almost the same as Smartphones in general, Realme C12 at a price of 1 million is also supported by the AI ​​Camera feature which can make our photos more beautiful and smooth without the need for an editing process.

Powerful performance

Although the price of Realme C12 can be said to be cheap, this smartphone still offers reliable performance for both social media and gaming activities.

It has a 6.5-inch screen and a screen ratio of 88.7%.

For the Realme C12 processor, it uses the Mediatek Helio G25 chipset which is an eight-core processor with 12 fabrications which makes it the fastest phone in its class.

Affordable Realme C12 price

For the price, the Realme C12 is priced at around Rp. 1,749,000 with 3GB RAM capacity and 32GB internal memory.

With reliable specifications and a price of only 1.7 million, it is definitely worth it to buy.

So hopefully useful.

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