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Radio commands and UAV Lite become the new features of Free Fire

The latest features from Free Fire Radio Commands and UAV Lite

Thursday February 4th will be a historic day for the Free Fire game. Because the plan is for Free Fire to get an update that day, which can be described as quite extensive as it will showcase a number of new features in the Battle Royale game. Garena does this, of course, to give the Free Fire game a new feel so that players don’t get bored and experience a new way of playing.

After previously announcing that they would remaster the training ground, they have now announced that they will be presenting new, no less interesting items. Are you curious about the functions and forms of these articles? Continue reading.

Now there are two new features that will be featured in the Free Fire game, which are Radio Commands and UAV Lite. This feature will generally make it easier for players to communicate and scout out enemy movement. Instead of making you curious, just listen to the explanation of radio commands and UAV Lite Free Fire below.

Full explanation of the new features of Radio Commands and UAV Lite Free Fire

Functions of radio commands

The main use of radio commands relates to communication between players on a team. This feature allows players to send specific message templates. The presence of this function makes it easier for you to coordinate with the team, so that communication is faster and the team is not split up in the event of a sudden attack.

This function can be mentioned as an alternative for those of you who cannot use a microphone to communicate in games. This, of course, is an important update for Free Fire in its game development.

Features of UAV Lite

Its use is the same as most UAVs, but the difference is in its size. UAV Lite is smaller in size but does not reduce its main use for scouting and spotting enemies.

In addition, there is another difference where you can completely adjust the position of the UAV Lite according to the player’s wishes. So that players can easily check certain locations without getting caught by the enemy, UAV Lite will also be available in Battle Royale mode, to get UAV Lite is the same as weapons, namely by looting in certain locations.

It can be concluded that the introduction of these two features in the next update will be an important step by Garena in the future development of the Free Fire game. What do you think of the presence of these two features? Please share your opinion in the comment column yes!

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