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Programmers in! 3 Easy Ways to Use Github

Github can be considered as a center for web processing or hosting software, where you can use it for various programming needs. How to use Github itself is fairly easy, so it is suitable for you even a beginner.

In addition, Github has offered features that are very helpful for beginners. Starting from online-based repositories, project collaboration, to social programmers that allow you to follow and learn from other programmers.

How to Use Github

Before you can use Github, first know how to use it. This is so that later you don’t feel confused when using it, here are the steps or steps you should know:

1. Create a Github Account

1. Create a Github Account

Creating a Github account is the first step that must be done, here you can register for free or pay as needed. The way to create a Github account is as follows:

  • Visit the Github site via the default browser on your PC, then click Sign Up on the Github main page. More quickly you can click sign up.
  • Enter the username, email, and password that you will use.
  • Next click Create Account, then you will receive a confirmation code via email.
  • Copy the verification code and enter it into the verification field on Github.
  • From here you have successfully registered.
  • Return to the login page and enter your Github account.

2. Create an Online Repository

2. Create an Online Repository

Once you’ve successfully created an account on Github, you won’t be able to use it right away. First you have to create an Online Repository. here how to use Github The first thing you should know, because online repositories are very important in programming. The method itself is as follows:

  • Click New Repository and you will be directed to the build page.
  • Fill in here Repository Name with the name of the project to be carried out.
  • Then in the Description fill with information or anyone who will be involved.
  • choose Public if the project is shown to the public, but if it is for private you can choose Private.
  • In the Initialize the Repository with README leave it alone and don’t you tick.
  • Fill in Add git ignore or add a license by uploading the file, but if you are a beginner then just leave this choice.
  • Press the button Create Repository and you have successfully created an online repository on Github.
  • After that, the online repository that you created will appear, this is where you can manage or upload the project you are working on.

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3. Uploading Local Repository Folder

3. Uploading Local Repository Folder

The next step is to upload the local repository folder, but before doing so make sure your PC already has Git. You can use cmder or brew if using Windows. After that you are ready to upload the local repository, here’s how:

  • First open the project file or folder, here you can use cmd or with the file explorer that you installed earlier.
  • Right click in the section open terminal/cmder here.
  • After that do some settings, such as git add to add the project you want.
  • Git init used to set a folder as a local repository.
  • Next, fill in git commit -m and add quotation marks, then enter a description or comment about the project.
  • While in the git remote add origin fill it with the repository link, this link will be created to access your repository later.
  • Finally enter the command in git push -u origin, this command will connect the local repository with the online repository. The command can be branch name which is in the online repository.
  • That way you have successfully entered the local repository into the online repository, you just have to check whether the repository has been entered into Github or not.
  • If it is successful then you can start to process it on the Github site.

Thus how to use Github the first thing you should pay attention to, after that you just need to develop it to an advanced level. When you have mastered it, you can use this site for various programming needs, such as applications, web, sites, and so on.

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