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PlayStation 5 Black Color Special Coming Soon for PS2

Sony’s latest generation of consoles, the PlayStation 5, was officially launched in some regions last November. It will also come soon for Indonesia itself this month. According to the latest known data, the PlayStation 5 sold more than 3.4 million units in the first month after its release, this sales figure alone surpassing the sales figures of the PS5 competitor Xbox Series X / S.

However, there is one thing that has disappointed PlayStation fans a little with the PlayStation 5 at Sony, namely the color variant that is stated is just plain white. In addition, the unique and quite large shape makes a lot of people add or make skins / cosmetics from the PlayStation 5 plate with their own creativity.

Many fans have wondered if there is a different edition or color for the PlayStation 5 console launched by Sony, but as of now Sony has no plans to present a different version or color of this latest console.

PS5 retro design

In fact, before the PlayStation 5 was released, there was a site called PlateStation5 that was unofficially trying to provide additional or custom displays for the PlayStation console. When this became known, many fans were interested and tried to pre-order the custom PlayStation 5, but it all collapsed as Sony threatened the website to cancel all orders and change the brand name.

A new website has recently appeared that is trying again to present a custom edition of the PlayStation 5. The website called SUP3R5 plans to sell a custom PlayStation 5 with a retro design typical of the first PlayStation series (PS1) Anniversary of the PlayStation 30. This retro design will be a matte black finish on a removable panel with a classic PlayStation logo which is playable like on the PS2 and PS3 and can be pre-ordered from January 5, 2021.

PlayStation 5 retro design
PlayStation 5 retro design

DualSense display in black
DualSense display in black

A number of fans support the plans for the SUP3R5 website, but quite a few have questioned the overall service. What materials are used for modifications guarantees clarity about the future of the plan for the time being, considering that many previous websites have tried the same thing but had to stop for their own reasons. But we cannot deny that the PlayStation 5 PS2 theme is very interesting.

So what do you think Are you interested in a custom PlayStation 5 with a retro look from SUP3R5? You can find more information about the rest of the PlayStation 5 here

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