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PlayStation 4 gets a dedicated keyboard and mouse

Sony is in fact trying to attack its newest line of consoles, the PS4 (PlayStation 4), in an attempt to make it even more popular with many. Player in the world. In fact, it is rumored that this PS4 game console is getting a device mouse and keyboard dedicated to player play the FPS (first person shooter) games. But device mouse and keyboard This is not developed by Sony itself

Is Hori, a manufacturer of equipment and accessories Games that has planned to launch its two new products exclusively for PS4.

Hori had previously brought the device onto the market keyboard and mousehis name is Tactical Assault Commander 3, which is dedicated to the PS3.

Book page Polygon Start, PS4 console will have options create to the keyboard and mouse Horis edition. The two devices with the name Tactical Assault Commander 4 have a configuration mouse and mini keyboard which can be connected directly to the control system and

keyboard It has 18 buttons, including tomTacticl g, which has become the standard PlayStation 4 on the controller, such as the Walk, Share, Option and Quick buttons that are used to perform tasks. counter Profile of Multiples.

Even, keyboard It is also equipped with a touchpad function on the back. draft keyboard It is equipped with an orange light for easy Para-control navigation Player. As for the device Mouse, para player can connect cables mouse this with a USB cable connection to the PS4 console.

So far, the new Tactical Assault Commander 4 will be marketed in Great Britain on October 9th at a price of 135 US dollars or around 1.8 million Rp. And it is estimated that Tactical Assault Commander 4 will be released along with the Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 game

Hori’s side didn’t reveal whether mmmmm

device keyboard and mouseit will slide into the US market in the near future.

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