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Play Arena Tricks in Black Desert Mobile, 30 Seconds Finish

Play Arena Tricks in Black Desert Mobile

Pokipo – Black Desert Mobile.

Who of you likes playing the arena in this Black Desert Mobile game?
Arena mode in this game is very exciting and challenging because we fight with other players in real time, so we have to really focus on playing it.

Besides being fun, the arena can also train our skills and agility in this game. Besides that, we can also get millions of silver from every 10 arena levels, this is what makes the arena system in this game very interesting.

But have any of you ever lost because of the CP difference which is quite far or maybe very far during matchmaking, sometimes it is also more than 200 CP difference, thus making our fight unbalanced.

It’s also called a pay-to-win game, so we have to be careful, as good as you are at playing, if you meet a player with far CP, you’ll still have a hard time winning.

But take it easy, don’t be discouraged, because it can be overcome with a trick that can manipulate our CP or Combat Power.

Well the trick is to remove all the armor you guys.
If previously your cp was 2500 if released it would be around 2100 and we will meet an opponent whose cp is commensurate. In addition to releasing it, you can also use or replace it with blue or green gear, as you like, just according to the CP you need.

The advantage of this trick is that we can fight players whose CP is far above us, for example if we meet a player with 2300 cp, you still fight, after all your cp is 2500 and your AP is still higher than the opponent’s DP. In addition, the second advantage is the shorter duration of about 30 – 1 minute is over.

While the weakness of this trick is that our blood becomes thin like tofu, the name is the armor is removed. so good at ajadeh to dodge and attack back, guaranteed once the combo will surely die wkwkwk.
Good luck…
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