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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare - PvZ Online War Game

Popcaps game developers keep innovating to make Plant vs Zombie game popular with many people. In the game PvZ 2 there are no new features that stand out too strongly from the previous version, so that PvZ 2 is less attractive. But the developers learned from this mistake and developed the game Plant VS Zombie: Garden Warfare. This third-person shooter and tower defense game was released for PS4 in August 2021.

Style of play

The great thing about this game is that players can choose to play as plants or zombies in the third person. This game is played in cooperative or comparative multiplayer mode. In order to advance in the game, the player must complete different forms of unique challenges, and each level has a different difficulty level. Completed challenges to level up. High levels unlock new characters and have access to new features at each level, such as character upgrades to make them stronger, new and more powerful weapons and character outfits.


There are several modes in this game, namely a cooperative mode and four comparative multiplayer modes.

1. Welcome mat: This mode serves as an initial introduction to the game, its functions and the way it is played. The mode shows a playlist created by the Vanquish team. This mode shows a map and not locked characters or costumes

2.Garden Ops: A mode that can be played by up to four players by controlling each of the plants the player chooses to guard the garden through ten groups of zombies, with the fifth and tenth waves being the boss Groups are. After that, they had to go to the extraction point to hear from Crazy Dave. to be saved

3. Team Vanquish: A variant of the Team Deathmatch mode in which two teams that control plants and zombies fight each other to defeat the opponent and score.

4. Confirmed Defeat: A mode where players have to collect balls from dead opponents in order to get as many credits as possible. This mode is exactly like the “Dead Confirmed” mode in the Call of Duty game series

5.Gardens and Graveyard: This time the Battlefield game series parodies in sA game mode in which the player controls either a zombie to catch a plant or a plant to protect his garden. This mode is the same as the Rush mode from the Battlefield game.

6.Gnome Bomb: A game mode in which the player tries to secure a bomb attached to a gnome’s back that could suddenly explode on any base present. This mode is similar to Battlefield 4’s obliteration mode.

And there are many other exciting modes that you can play in this Plant vs Zombie: Guard Warfare game


According to the Amazon.com website, the price for Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare – PlayStation 4 is $ 19.96, or around Rp 264,754.05. In Lazada’s online store, it’s around Rp 500,000


This game is perfect for those who are bored playing the previous 2 Plant vs Zombie game series. For those looking for a game that can be played by up to 4 people, Plant vs Zombie: Garden Warfare game that goes with this game can even be played online by up to 24 players. To make things feel, Popcaps is adding a lot of new characters on both the plant and the zombie side. So this game is highly recommended …

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