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PHOTOMATH - application for answering math problems

Cover artFor those who have difficulty learning math and have never understood what the teacher is teaching, they must have this one application. “PHOTOMAT” is the smartest calculator camera app in the world.

When you run into a math problem, all you need to do is snap a picture of the problem. Questions will be displayed on your smartphone screen and answers will appear quickly. Not just answers, but also ways.

Students can use this application to answer difficult questions and understand how to answer them. And parents can use Photomath to check their children’s answers to math problems.

Photomath currently only supports questions about basic arithmetic, fractions, decimals, linear equations, and some functions like algorithms. Support for new math problems will continue to be added with each update. Photomath currently only supports writing on printed books or computers, handwriting is sometimes difficult to see, but for those whose handwriting is as good as computer letters, it may be: D

However, keep in mind that Photomath cannot fully answer the questions you have asked because the questions may not yet be recognized or not yet supported

So what are you waiting for, download a math teacher and have it on your smartphone

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