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Peyton New Hero Fighter Mobile Legends With Skill Without Cooldown

Peyton New Hero Fighter Mobile Legends With Skill Without Cooldown

Pikipo – There is good news for Mobile Legend game players, especially fighter users, where there will be a new Fighter hero with skills that can be said to be very overpowered.

The new hero’s name is Peyton. Peyton himself is a hero who was inspired by the famous boxer Manny Pacquiao where Peyton’s hero also has the appearance and skills of a boxer.

Peyton New Hero Fighter Mobile Legends With Skill Without Cooldown

At first glance this hero will be a rival of Chou where the skills he has are also almost the same.

One of the things that makes Peyton so overpowered is in his passive skills.

His passive skill is very unique where if he does damage to the opponent with either a basic attack or with a skill he will get a stack, and if his stack has accumulated as much as 4 stacks then all Cooldowns on his skills will be reset.

Now from here it can be seen that the passive skills he has are very good, plus the damage from Peyton’s skill is also already sick, plus the cooldown of each skill including the ultimate skill is also only a little. So if he can maximize the skills he has and combine them with passive skills then he can fight with almost no cooldown skills.

The mobility of Peyton’s hero is also quite high plus the durability is also quite good. He is able to walk quickly plus skill 2 which is almost similar to Chou which can be used to attack or escape.

For an explanation of Peyton’s skills, you can see below.

Peyton Mobile Legends Hero Skills

Passive Skill: Champ Stance

Peyton will get a stack obtained after attacking his opponent with a basic attack or skill. When it reaches 4 stacks, Peyton can get certain effects such as Reset Cooldown.

This Champ Stance ability will be active for every skill it has. Which can make Peyton a hero over power where with this passive skill Peyton can fight with almost no cooldown skills.

Skill 1: Parry

Peyton’s first skill is Parry, which can inflict damage while increasing the defense of the opponent’s damage. Parry can increase Peyton’s Movement Speed ​​and deal a heavy blow to the opponent and increase his durability so that he gets harder when Buff skill 1 is active.

Skill 2: Jab

Peyton would run forward and then jab. This hit will deal physical damage to all enemies within the area of ​​effect of the attack.

Skill 2 can be used to attack, chase and escape from the opponent’s pursuit. Also read: The Strongest Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends Season 18 2021

Ultimate Skill: Annihilation Strike

Peyton will give uniforms to all enemies in front of him and deal physical damage and push the opponent in the targeted direction. Then Peyton proposes a haymaker quickly and deals damage and gives a slow effect on the opponent in a few seconds.

For the ultimate skill, it is almost similar to Chou’s ultimate skill where he is able to push and give a cc effect to the opponent but not as far as Chou.

That was the explanation about the skills of the Peyton Mobile Legends hero. For those of you who want to see more clearly about the skills and appearance of Peyton’s hero, you can see it in the video from VY Gaming below.

Hero Peyton Mobile Legends Release Date

The release date for Peyton’s hero is still unclear, but it is certain that this hero will only be released in 2021 considering that there are still a number of new heroes that have not been released on the Original Server.

For those of you who want to try this hero, you can try it on the Advance Server where Peyton’s hero has been officially released.

Wow, I can’t wait for Peyton’s hero to be released on the Original Server. We’ll see if Peyton will be able to compete in the ongoing META or will just fill the hero tire slot. We’ll just wait.

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