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Overlay Capcut Tutorial To Make Videos More Attractive

Overlay Capcut Tutorial To Make Videos More Attractive

Pikipo – The Capcut application is an editor application that is often used by content creators, especially for short videos.

Because of the convenience it provides in video editing, it is no wonder that the Capcut application is in great demand in Indonesia.

One of the interesting features in the Capcut application is Overlay.

In my previous article I also gave a tutorial about the Distort Effect in the Capcut application, if you don’t know you can read it here.

As a content creator, you must be familiar with the thing called Overlay, right?

For those who don’t know what an overlay is, here’s a brief explanation.

What is Capcut Overlay

Overlay capcut is the merging of two Photos or Videos into one part. Merging these 2 videos can be used for various things and one of them is to give effects to the videos that we make.

So by adding an Overlay to the video that we make, there will be photos that are overwritten with the overlay, and the overlay itself can be adjusted at will, such as for the size or effect on the overlay.

For how to add an Overlay in the Capcut Application, the method is as follows.

How to Add Overlays in Capcut

The way to add an Overlay in Capcut is very easy and can be done by anyone, but to get good results, of course, it all depends on each of us’s creativity.

How to Add Overlay in Capcut :

  1. First you create a new project first, then select the photo or video you want to edit.
  2. First, edit the photos or videos that you have added, for example by adding music and so on.
  3. To add an Overlay, all you have to do is tap on the part outside your photo selection so that the Overlay menu comes out.
  4. After the Overlay Menu comes out, just click the Overlay menu and add the Photo or Video that you want to use as an Overlay.
  5. If you have, the next step is you just edit your Overlay, you can change the size, adjust the location and select the filter used on the Overlay.
  6. Adjust it so that the Overlay matches the video you want to create.
  7. If you can already play your video to try the results of the video that you have added Overlay.
  8. If the results are as you wish, then all you have to do is save the video and the video is ready to use.

That’s the Overlay Tutorial in the Capcut Application.

Please try and practice often so that your video edits become better.

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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