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Orange Video : The Biggest Money Making Apk 2021

JSMedia – Money making video people just released! Don’t miss the opportunity to join and make money. Watch till the end so you understand it well.

Not long ago, an app that was said to make money was just launched. You can use it to make extra money. The application called Video People is called similar to VTube because they both make real money.

So what makes this money-making app superior? How to make money? And is this app safe? All advantages and detailed explanation will be discussed in full below.

Benefits of Member Orange Video Money Making

Benefits of Member Orange Video Money Making

Many say that People Video apk offers a bigger income than any other money-making app that has ever appeared before. The job is also very easy, just by watching videos. If you want to make a lot of money fast, Orange Video is the solution.

This application also supports DANA payments so that the transfer and top-up process becomes easier. Other advantages are:

  • Get 2000 rupiah after registering;
  • VIP members will get 3 levels of recommendation bonuses, 25%, 10%, and 5%;
  • Minimum withdrawal of 25 thousand rupiah;
  • Admin fee waived;
  • Get a commission for every member who is invited to join.

Here’s the amount of income or salary per month if you do it.

  • VIP 0 for Rp0 = Rp30,000
  • VIP 1 for IDR 20,000 = IDR 60,000
  • VIP 2 for IDR 100,000 = IDR 300,000
  • VIP 3 for IDR 300,000 = IDR 900,000
  • VIP 4 for IDR 600,000 = IDR 1,800,000

Earnings will be even greater with referrals. For example, for VIP 1. The referral reward is 25%, plus 10% of the total top up for each member who is successfully invited. Rupiah will increase again 5% if your member has another member.

What mission must be done to get these benefits?

How to Make Money on Orange Money Making Videos

How to Make Money on Orange Money Making Videos

In order to get a lot of benefits, you just need to register as a VIP member and watch 2 to 10 videos a day. Just by watching videos, you will get multiple benefits from your deposit.

Before registering as a member, determine what level of VIP member you want. Then, go to the Profile menu, then Fill in the Balance and enter the amount of money that matches the requirements. Then select Indonesia Online Banking, then click top up. Immediately top up your members then click the VIP menu to join and carry out the mission.

To increase your income, invite some friends. Select the Promote menu on the Profile page. Copy the link and spread it all over your social media with interesting words.

When a member joins and makes a deposit, the commission will be directly added to your balance. The more friends, the more income you get.

If you have accumulated a lot, withdraw the money to your DANA account by clicking the Cash Withdraw menu without admin fees.

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Is Orange Video Included Safe APK?

Is Orange Video Included Safe APK?

Usually newly released applications always lure with the following words: “While it is still new, take advantage of it.” If the app doesn’t cheat, there’s no need for a word while it’s still new. Will it be gone long ago?

Money game apps always ask you to register early. This Ponzi system can also be seen from the calculation of the income given.

Compared to the free plan, people will choose the paid VIP package. For example for VIP 3. With a deposit of 100 thousand will be given an income of 300 thousand rupiah. That is, the profit given is around 200%.

Businesses related to saving money must be logical. No business offers such a large profit in just a month. In addition to being logical, the Video Person also does not include an office address and is not registered with the OJK.

Don’t be quick to believe the exaggerating reviews of this kind of money-making app. This application is always made as attractive as possible to trick others so that the profits go into their pockets.

The point is, pay attention to the income calculation, not how many reviews are spread on the internet to know if money making app it’s a money game or not. From these reviews you can definitely conclude whether Video People are safe or not.

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