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O2 Meter Android Application, To Measure Blood Oxygen Levels!!

Pikipo – In this pandemic season due to the covid 19 virus, making some people be wary when leaving the house and dealing directly with other people. The reason is, we don’t know whether the people we socialize with have a history of being exposed to the current corona virus.

There are so many new cases caused by the covid 19 virus, one of which is anemia or what is often called happy hypoxia. This condition makes the sufferer become short of breath suddenly.

What is Happy Hypoxia?

This is a disease that usually occurs due to a lack of oxygen in the blood. In the long term this disease will cause other diseases that are more severe. And for prevention can actually be done by knowing the level of oxygen in the blood using a tool that is often called an oximeter.

This oximeter is a tool for measuring oxygen levels in the body through the fingertips. Later the sensor will be attached to the fingertip, then the sensor will complete its task by scanning the oxygen level in the blood.

O2 Meter Android Application

It turns out that you don’t need to go far to go to the doctor or hospital to measure oxygen levels in the blood. Because now there is a special android application that is made to measure oxygen levels.

This application is highly sought after by many people because yes indeed this pandemic condition makes them afraid and finally ventured to check their own body condition, especially to check blood oxygen levels.

Download the O2 Meter Android Application

For those of you who need this O2 meter application to measure oxygen levels in the body. You can directly use the link I provided below.

Download the O2 meter Android App

Or you can also download it directly through the Google Play Store or Appstore. You really have to try this application. Because this application is very easy to run and the appearance is also simple. But if you are still confused about how to use it, you can read the tutorial below.

How to Use the O2 Meter App

  1. Download and open the app
  2. Select menu Oxygen Saturation
  3. Select the Start menu
  4. Put your index finger towards your cellphone camera until it covers the camera completely
  5. Leave it and wait for the checking process
  6. You can already see the results

The final word

That’s the discussion about the O2 meter application for Android that you can download on Google Playstore. Hopefully the above article can be useful for all of you.

Thank you for visiting, thanks for reading and don’t forget to always take care of your health, guys.

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