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Now You Can Turn Text Messages Into Voice Like Google Voice on Telegram!

JSMedia – Telegram can convert text message to voice? Yes, here’s how to convert text to Google voice on Telegram. It makes it easy for you to send voice via messages.

Equipped with various features, it’s no wonder the number of users is increasing. Starting from unique channels, groups with tens of thousands of members, slow mode, to the feature to turn messages into sound. The presence of these features is very helpful in our daily activities.

With this function, you can now send audio messages like Google voice. You don’t need to record if you’re lazy to talk, just type the message and it becomes a voice message.

Then how convert text message to voice? Check out the information as follows.

Get to know Google Voice Bot on Telegram

Get to know Google Voice Bot on Telegram

This Telegram bot is connected directly from Google so it can convert messages into audio. You don’t need to worry because the results are almost perfect both in pronunciation and grammar. So, like Google Translate who resides in the chat column. The only difference is that this bot converts text into sound only.

This feature is actually not only used when you are lazy to record sound. However, it can also be used to learn foreign languages. You will know how to pronounce the language word for word correctly.

Turn Text Messages Into Voice on Telegram Bot

  • Bot Text to Voice Telegram

The first step you have to do is look for Voice bots, then click Start. The Bot feature must be searched first through the search field in Telegram by typing “Text to Speech Bot”. So as not to be confused, choose the one with the Google Docs logo without emoji. Because, later the search results will bring up a lot of options with similar names.

  • Dialect Choice

Every language has certain dialects. So, the sound produced from Telegram is not stiff. You can change it by choosing from the 11 dialects provided according to your wishes.

For example, English. You can choose American or British dialect. In addition, there are dialects of Spanish, German, Russian, French, Finnish, Catalan, Polish and Turkish. Diverse, right? Of course, this dialect choice will add to the voice message that you send to be natural.

In addition to dialects, Text to Voice Telegram also offers a choice of gendered voices. So, later the voice can be adjusted whether you want to change it to a male or female voice.

  • Sending Voice Chat

Before opening the Bot, you can prepare the message that you want to turn into a Google voice. You can do this by copying words and pasting them, or typing them directly in the chat field. After that, click the Submit button.

The Text to Voice bot will automatically convert it to an audio recording in just a few seconds. The sound can be downloaded for sharing. You can also directly click Share to send this voice message to other users.

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BOT Text to Voice Telegram Alternative

You can try the bot that has been recommended before. If it doesn’t suit your needs or lacks complete features, you can try other alternatives. For example, TTSBot which can also be used to convert messages into Google voices.

Just type the name of the bot in the search field. Then click Start to indicate you want to change the message. Before typing the message, there are several buttons that you can use. One of them is the Speak button which will convert your text into sound. That is, just by typing the text you want to change, then the Bot will send the sound results.

How to convert messages into Google voices on Telegram is easy, right? You just need to prepare your finger to select the option copy, paste, share, and send. Good luck!

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