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Note! FF Angel Pants Event, Here's How to Get It

Fingka.com – For those of you old Free Fire players, of course you are familiar with the angel pants item or commonly referred to as free fire angel pants. Because this is one of the rare items most sought after and desired by FF players. They are willing to spend a lot of diamonds to get it. Do you guys already have?

Why this item is so popular is because it can be combined with various other clothing sets. So that will make our characters have a more varied appearance. We can mutually change the combination with other clothes, so we won’t get bored easily.

However, as previously mentioned, these angel pants are a rare item. So it is quite difficult to obtain and not everyone has it. Especially for those of you who are new to FF, you will definitely miss the event and don’t have this item yet. Then how to get these FF angel pants?

How to Get FF Angel Pants

If you are a new FF player, then of course you don’t have this angel pants item. Actually this item consists of 2 variations, namely male pants and female pants. For the male version of the angel pants item, you can get it in Diamond Royale Season 2. So for those who play after the season, they miss the opportunity to have these angel pants.

Then for the girl version of the angel pants item, if I’m not mistaken, it can be obtained for free, namely through the login event. So that players can get this rare item for free just by logging in for 15 consecutive days. Is there another way to get this item?

The answer is there, namely by going through the Gold Pot event. For those of you who missed or maybe didn’t have time to get the angel pants item during Diamond Royale S2, then you can check out this one event. We can get another chance to have angel pants which is a rare item.

FF Angel Pants Event

How to Get FF Angel Pants Items

As previously mentioned, for those who missed and want to have this item, they can go through the Gold Pot event. There we can get various kinds of FF item rewards, one of which is these angel pants. Then how to get it and how many diamonds are needed?

The mechanism of this event is simple and simple. We only need to upgrade the existing Pot until we get the desired item. For the cost of upgrading a pot of 20 diamonds, while upgrading a premium pot it takes about 50 diamonds. Until later if you have reached the Gold Pot, your chance to get angel pants will be even greater.

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When is the Gold Pot Event Held?

So for those of you who can’t wait to get this item, don’t worry. Previously the Gold Pot event had been held in FF and also many players got angel pants through the event. However, for information on when the Gold Pot event will be held again on the original FF server, there is no official information yet.

We can only wait for the official announcement from Garena whether the Gold Pot event will soon reappear on Free Fire. But don’t forget to also prepare enough diamonds so that later when the event appears it will be ready. So that you can immediately follow the Gold Pot event and take the rare items that are there, including these angel pants.


So that’s a little discussion about how to get leaked FF angel pants. For those of you who haven’t had time to have this rare item, you can get another chance to get it. You just have to prepare the diamonds that are needed so that they can be used directly for the Gold Pot event.

Hopefully the above article can provide information that is interesting and also useful for all of us. Don’t forget to always visit Jakarta Studio so that you always get updated information about other FF. See you next time!

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