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Note 5 Ways to Register Card 3 By SMS or Online

Fingka.com This provider is the choice of many people because it provides offers at prices that are known to be cheaper when compared to others. Especially during a pandemic like this, most users are looking for affordable fees. Following how to register card 3:

1. How to Register Card 3 via SMS

The most common way used by many people is by using via SMS. Card 3 users only need to prepare an identity number in the form of a KK and ID number. Then just wait for the registration step to be processed. Here are the steps:

1. Prepare your cellphone to send SMS

2. Open the SMS menu

3. Use the format REG NIK# KK Number#

4. Example REG 8888888888888888 #999999999999999

5. Send to number 4444

6. Pay attention if you are an old user

7. Use RE format NIK# KK Number#

8. Example REPEAT 8888888888888888 #999999999999999

9. Send to number 4444

10. Wait for the reply SMS

11. Telkomsel card registration is successful

2. How to Register Card 3 by Phone

There are three ways that you can choose one of them when registering a card 3. This step of registering card 3 by phone can be the last alternative when the previous two tips don’t work because it will cost money during contacting customer service.

1. Open the call feature on the cellphone

2. Call 3 care 0896 44000 123

3. Call charges are calculated normally

4. Tell me if number 3 has not been registered

5. Wait for the registration step to be processed manually

6. Another way, contact CS via e-mail

3. How to Register Card 3 Through the Website

How to Register Card 3

Not only using via SMS, you can also choose the steps below if you want to register for card 3 through the website. The method is almost the same as before but does not require an SMS when sending it. Here are the registration steps:

1. Open a web browser from your HP or PC

2. Visit the official website https://registrasi.co.id/

3. Click on the Prospective Customer Registration menu

4. Fill in the number to be registered

5. Fill in the NIK number in the available column

6. Fill in the KK number in the available column

7. Fill in the ICCID of the serial number

8. Take the ICCID of the last 4 digits of the serial number

9. See the ICCID on the back of the 3 SIM card

10. Click on the Send menu

11. Use KTP only for 3 times registration

12. Wait until the registration step is processed

13. Card 3 registration takes 24 hours

4. How to Delete Card 3 Registration Data Through the Website

You need to know that registration of all provider in Indonesia, including 3, it must be done by the users themselves with the correct data suitability. The error requires to delete the filling of information so that it is not used by less responsible parties:

1. Open a web browser on your cellphone

2. Go to registration.tri.co.id address

3. Wait until the main page appears

4. Click on the menu that says Unreg

5. Fill in the form fields according to the correctness of the data

6. Filling must be in accordance with registration

7. Enter the NIK of the number 3

8. Click on the Request Secret Code menu

9. Wait until the code is successfully received

10. Secret code will be sent via SMS

11. Tick I’m not a robot

12. Make sure the registration data is correct

13. Finally, click the Send menu

14. Go to outlet 3 if you fail

There are several ways to register for the 3 cards above, either via SMS, website and telephone, you can choose according to your needs. Don’t forget to register for an attractive internet package at the same time because provider This one does provide the cheapest price when compared to others.

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