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Not Boring, 4 Ways to Change Telegram Chat Wallpaper according to your taste

JSMedia – Telegram is getting more beautiful with its wallpaper feature. How to change chat wallpaper on Telegram it will help you overcome boredom with background chat that’s all.

This application is indeed endless pampering users with its features. In recent years, Telegram is like an artist whose presence is known everywhere as a fun and popular messaging application.

Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durovlah are the figures behind the success of this chat application. They are Russian developers who developed the application from 2021 to be able to compete with its competitors as it is today.

This platform has a big influence, especially for the lives of today’s millennials. The more widely known, the more interesting features that make it superior to other messaging apps. What are its interesting features?

What Are the Interesting Features of Telegram?

What Are the Interesting Features of Telegram?

To be able to immediately see and feel the advantages, let’s check the features one by one directly through the application.

  1. Telegram groups that can accommodate as many as 200 thousand people that do not exist in other applications. There is no need to create multiple groups for the same purpose.
  2. Share location with other users. Not just sharing the location real time Of course, with Telegram you can share the closest location, to a manual location that you can set yourself. And complete with information on how long it will take to reach the location, whether 15 minutes or 1 hour according to the location.
  3. Telegram bots. This feature is a favorite of users because the choices are diverse. You can download videos, play games, and translate languages.
  4. Light and dark mode. Users can adjust the brightness of the light that can be adjusted so that the eyes do not hurt. For example, when chatting at night, you can activate a dark night mode so that the message is comfortable to read and view.
  5. Send scheduled messages. You no longer need to be afraid of forgetting if you want to send messages periodically at certain hours. It also really helps keep your time effective.
  6. Choose the video quality. Maybe in other applications your video will be compressed and adjusted to the given capacity. But Telegram instead gives users a choice of how good the quality of the video is before sending it.
  7. Can custom wallpaper. Chatting will feel more memorable with a background that can be adjusted to mood conditions. Can use solid colors so photos can also be installed as background.

Those seven features alone make you wonder how much convenience Telegram provides. Actually it’s only a few. Then how to apply these features? Here is one of the easiest information first, namely the custom wallpaper feature.

4 Ways to Change Telegram Chat Wallpaper

4 Ways to Change Telegram Chat Wallpaper

1. Using Color

  1. On the Telegram main screen, select Settings in the upper left corner with the three-line symbol.
  2. Go to Chat Settings then select Chat Background.
  3. Select the Set Color option and a colorful palette will appear.
  4. Choose one of these colors. Not only here, Telegram offers two options: custom colors and patterns of these colors. So it’s not just a solid color.
  5. Choose a color that suits your taste, then you can also adjust the brightness level.
  6. Press Save and Set Background.

2. Replace with Image from Telegram App

  1. Open Telegram Settings in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Then select Chat Settings.
  3. Then select Chat Background. Well, here you will be given a wide selection of images that have been provided Telegram.

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3. Using Images from Gallery

  1. Go to the message for which you want to change the chat background.
  2. Press the Search option and search for the image you want to use as the background. Using photos will certainly be more special.

4. Blur the Photo Background

  1. Press the Settings icon, then select Chat Settings again as in the previous step.
  2. Select an image from your gallery.
  3. Two options will appear to blur this photo, namely Blurred and Motion. The Blurred option will blur the photo you selected, while Motion makes the photo seem to move like motion.
  4. You can choose one or both.
  5. The photo background is complete and you can see the results.

How, very easy isn’t it? You can try one by one method above and see the results.

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