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Newest 100+ IG Effect Names With Songs That Are Hitting Again 2021 September

Fingka.com – This is a list of IG effect names with songs that are currently hits and the latest in 2021

The IG filter that has a song right now is indeed a hit and is the most widely used by Instagram users.

Many of the names of IG Effects that have songs on them, on average, come from the Tiktok application, which is currently being hit in Indonesia.

This may be because many Tik tok users also have Instagram accounts, so they also participate in popularizing the Ig Effect with the tik tok song on it.

So, here, Fingka.com will provide a list of IG Filter names with songs that are currently hits and trending on the Instagram application.

The list of IG Effect names that have songs that Fingka.com can provide below is a list of Filters that have songs both foreign songs, Korean band songs and also Indonesian songs that are currently popular in 2021.

List of IG Effect Names with Newest Songs 2021

1. Filter Bang Bang Big Bang

IG Bang Bang Filter Name Big Bang Viral On TikTok

Filter Bang Bang Big Bang, For you lovers of the South Korean boyband, namely BTS, you really have to try this one filter. Because this filter was made based on one of their songs entitled Bang Bang Big Bang. Of course you army know the song, right?

So, for that, you can directly check the Instagram filter so that you can create an instastory with the song. Don’t miss the most hits filter among BTS fans on this one.

2. Filter IG Love I Miss You

Latest Instagram Story Effects Love I Miss You

To be able to use this IG Love I Miss You Filter, the easy method is to follow the Instagram account of the creator of the IG i miss you filter. You can follow [email protected] who made this Latest Instagram Story Effect Love I Miss You.

By following this i miss you IG Filter creator account, you will be able to use the Latest Love I Miss You Instagram Story Effect for you to use and take advantage of on your insta story or Instagram status updates.

4. IG Filter Pull Sis Semongko

Pull Sis Semongko

The viral IG filter contains the latest tiktok song, the IG Pull Sis semongko filter, which is indeed more sought after and used, let alone shared not only on Instagram. This latest Viral IG filter was indeed trending on Tiktok and Youtube, many people use the word Tarik Sis Semongko as jargon or jokes.

Until the conclusion, Tarik Sis Semongko was also widely used as the IG Effect of Tarik Sis Semongko which followed with the song. There are many Instagram Filter creators that you can watch and observe the IG Filters they make, [email protected]_379 which also makes the IG Filter pull sis semongko which you can try.

3. IG Filter Beware of Falling in Love

IG Filter Beware of Falling in Love

IG Filter Beware of Falling in Love, Next there is the Instagram effect which is often referred to as the ‘beware of falling in love’ filter. This is because in the filter there is a fragment of a song entitled ‘awas to fall in love’. There are quite a few versions of this filter so you can choose the one you want.

Anyway, this is one of the most popular IG filters this year. So for those of you who don’t want to miss out on what’s trending, you really have to try this effect.

4. IG Filter Don’t Leave Someone Because of Physical

IG Filter Don't Leave Someone For Physical

IG Filter Don’t Leave Someone Because Physical, Don’t leave someone because physical is also one of the most viral filters on Instagram and Tiktok. This filter effect actually has the name before after after v.2 which was created by the @wahab_379 account.

For those of you who are curious about the filter effect, you can immediately search and try it. Because this filter teaches us not to directly judge someone just from their physical appearance.

5. The IG effect is forgiving, Bang Jago

Sorry Bang Jago

The IG effect of Forgiveness Bang Jago, Forgiveness of Bang Jago is one of the phrases that was viral among millennial youth. Usually this sentence is used to counter arrogant people. In fact, there are also those who have made this song, sorry, bro.

And of course something viral is incomplete if it doesn’t become an Instagram filter. You can immediately look for it on IG, there are quite a number of versions such as from the @nikolawilded_ account, @kolaborasikopi_ and many others. Instead of being curious, you can directly check and use it for Instagram stories.

6. Dear IG Effect Please Jang Angry Angry

Darling Please Jang Angry Angry

IG Effect Dear Please Jang Angry Angry, Another Instagram and TikTok filter that you shouldn’t miss. This Dear Please Jang Angry Angry filter can add to your collection. You can directly download the filter from the @dwikiferdi99 account.

The songs in the filter are also very pleasant to listen to. Maybe this filter will be perfect for those of you who are angry with your girlfriend. Use it to make instastory so they know and can forgive you and make up again.

7. What IG filter do you want to find

What IG filter do you want to find

Still not enough? Don’t worry because JSMedia still has lots of cool filter stocks for you. One that you should not miss is the Filter You Want to Find. For those of you who often play IG, you must have seen this filter.

You can directly search and download the filter from the account named @wahab_379. Just type the name of the ko mo filter, then search for it. Then the results will immediately appear, you click and save then use it to create an instastory.

8. Choose Which Filter (It’s Tricky)

Choose Which Filter (It's Tricky) IG Has a Song

Tired of the same filter? Need a good filter for fun? Then you really have to try which filter to choose. He also went viral on Instagram and Tiktok. But if you search, you may not find the filter.

Since the original name of this filter is it’s tricky. The name of the creator is the @rizalduh account. This filter is usually used for fun choosing between 2 difficult choices. You can make instastory with friends to make it more interesting.

9. Sugar Daddy’s IG Effect

Sugar Daddy's IG Effect

Sugar Daddy’s IG Effect, Do you know the term sugar daddy? Usually this designation is pinned on a man who finances the needs of his younger partner. And it seems that the term is quite popular among teenagers and has even been used as an Instagram filter.

Curious what the filter looks like? You can immediately try to search with the keyword ‘sugar daddy firdaus’. Then look for the results from the @firdaus account, just save it and then try to use it to create a story.

10. Pota Pota Song Filter

Instagram Pota Pota Filter

Pota Pota Song Filter, This pota-pota song was very viral on Instagram and also tiktok. You must have memorized the song because you hear it so often through people’s stories. So maybe there are those who haven’t tried the filter yet?

This filter comes from a song called Copines by Aya Nakamura. Well maybe many call it a pota-pota song because it’s an easy-to-remember lyric.

11. Instagram Chika Filters

Instagram Chika Filter Name

Chika Instagram filter, Hearing the name chika may be familiar to all of us. He is so popular and viral everywhere thanks to his instastory. And it also raises a filter which is also often referred to as chika dance.

This filter is much liked because it is so funny and interesting. We can replace Chika’s face who is dancing with our own face. So that the results also look funny and funny. Curious? You just look for the Terngiang Chika V1 filter name from the @sempaksuci account.

12. Filter Oh Mamae

Filters DJ Music Oh Mamae Instagram

Aduh Mamae Filter, Adding to the list of the most popular IG filters this year, there’s the Aduh Mamae filter. If you must have seen stories with this one filter? Because he was quite viral and popular in his time.

This filter uses the song oh mamae but with the DJ version. So it is very suitable for today’s young people who are all millennials. Just check it yourself and use it to make a story.

14. Always Dita Shells DJ Filter

Viral Filter IG DJ Always

DJ Filter Always Dita Shell, Some people know the name of this filter as Dita Shell. But there are also those who call it the DJ Always filter. Maybe it’s because of the song used in the filter, so it’s called DJ Always.

But if you want to find it, you can just use the keyword ‘woah dita shell’. Next select the filter from the @renaldfadli account and then save. Now you have the filter and you can use it right away.

15. Filter If He Likes Me

IG Filter Name If He Likes Me

Filter If He Likes Me, the filter that has a song this time is titled When He Likes Me. This song sung by Ghea Youbi quickly went viral and was liked by many people. Moreover, when it is available in the form of an IG filter, many people use it.

There are quite a number of accounts that have this filter with different versions. Among them, you can get the filter from the @rayfaldo and @iksanarsana accounts. You can choose what kind of filter you want.

In addition to the IG Effect Name with the Song above, there are several Ig Filters which are the newest hits in 2021, which have songs, especially from the Tik Tok song which is currently hits and trending on the Tik Tok application.

The following is a list of IG Effect Names that have songs, especially Tiktok songs and are widely used as IG filters

  • IG Filter Which BTS Song
  • IG Boy In Luve Filters
  • IG Blood, Sweat and Tears filters
  • IG DNA filters
  • IG Lathi filters
  • IG Filters Like the Sky
  • IG Way Back Home Filters
  • IG Playdate Tiktok Filters
  • Tiktok IG Surrender Filters
  • Filter IG I Like You So Much Tiktok
  • IG Filters When She Loved Me
  • IG I Love You Baby Tiktok Filters
  • IG Playback Filters
  • Enjoy Tikadew IG Filters
  • Riznuram IG Twocolor Filter
  • Hitz Music IG Filters
  • IG Butterfly Tikadew Filter
  • Filter IG Home Clubbing Vol 3
  • Webarebears TikadewF IG Filter
  • IG Aesthetic Filters 2
  • IG Peachy Tikadew Filter
  • Kira Kira IG Filters
  • Kimi no Toriko IG filter
  • UWU IG Filters
  • Alakyu IG Filters

Now, the IG filter with the song from Tik tok above is currently being used in the Instagram application.

Lots of Instagram users and even celebrities who enliven the Instagram timeline by using the List of IG Effect Names with Songs above.

For those of you who are curious and want to try using the IG Filter with the song above, you can get the latest IG Filters and hits through the Insta Story Filter Instagram feature on the cellphone you are using.

How to get the name of the IG effect with the song

1. Open the Instagram App

2. Open Instagram Camera

3. Swipe left on the Filter list

4. Select > Browse Effect Instagram

5. Select > IG Effect Search Options

6. Type > The name of the IG filter with the song above

7. Select > Try IT to try IG Filter

8. Select > Down arrow to save the IG Effect

Please follow all the steps that Fingka.com has outlined above to make it easier for you to find all the IG Effect Names with the song.

All the IG Effect Names with the song above that Fingka.com has provided are available for free and you can use them to update your insta story Instagram account.

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